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3 Reasons you need Dryer Balls in your Mom Life

3 Reasons you need Dryer Balls in your Mom Life. Why you need to buy Dryer Balls right now. Product ReviewThere are so many amazing Mom Products out there that it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth your time. I am here to tell you that Dryer Balls are something you need in your Mom Life, now. I confess I was late to the Dryer Ball game. They were something I knew about, had heard of, but never really made the effort to understand their benefit. Well, now I have them and I must share this #MomWinning Sweetness with you!

3 Reasons you need Dryer Balls

There are many reasons you might use Dryer Balls at home. I’m just going to focus on the main Mom type reasons for this post… or it would get pretty long!

1-Earth Friendly

What Crunchy Mom doesn’t like that?! #canigetanamen Dryer Balls replace your need for those dryer sheets we used to buy which, come to find out, contain less than desired materials. Dryer Balls are often handmade and they are sustainable, which means you keep using the same ones load after load. Why is that good? When using Dryer Sheets you eventually throw them away and they do not biodegrade {wah-wah sad-face}

2- Fulfill your Needs

Why were you using Dryer Sheets in the first place? Probably because they reduce the static cling of your clothes and add a subtle, glorious smell. Well, guess what, so do Dryer Balls! Dryer Balls are made of wool, which is a natural static reducer. You can also buy your Dryer Balls scented with natural oils. Mine smell like gardenia!

3- Yoga Pants Stank

If you’re a Mom, or a woman for that matter, you probably own yoga pants. In fact, you’ve probably had the same pair, that you love for a long time. Then, one day out of the blue they came out of the dryer with a new “stank” of burnt elastic and mildew. It has nothing to do with you, I promise. It’s the eventual breakdown of the material. Nonetheless, for some reason, they start to stink. You wash them time after time and it doesn’t get any better.  But! As I incidentally found out, Dryer Balls take the scent away! Okay, I don’t really know if they “take it away” but once I ran mine through the dryer with the Dryer Balls, smell gone. Here is what I’ve learned: The wool of the dryer balls somehow speeds up the drying process within the dryer and helps pull moisture out of the clothing. Dry sheets do not possess this magical property. Get yourself some Dryer Balls, you’ll thank me later.

Where do you buy Dryer Balls?

Well, that would be the Number 4 awesome reason, wouldn’t it? Most Dryer Balls are handmade! That’s right, by buying them you’re supporting a small business. 😉 I bought mine on Etsy from my new friend Amy over at RedheadnBlue.
3 Reasons you need Dryer Balls in your Mom Life
Add some Dryer Balls to your Etsy Cart.

You won’t regret it! 




3 Reasons you need Dryer Balls in your Mom Life. Why you need to buy Dryer Balls right now. Product ReviewHow to get the stank out of your Yoga Pants with Dryer Balls. How to wash your Yoga Pants. Get rid of the Yoga Pants Stink.

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