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A Year in Review | Kelso Family 2015

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A Year in Review. 2015 was a good year for the Kelso Family
with a new member joining the team and with a big move up to Stayton we’ve been
pretty busy. The year starts off with Wyatt in January, a recluse February
{since nobody is leaving the house with a newborn!} and a Spring filled with
MOVING. We eventually get settled in and projects done around May and begin to leave the house
for some fun. The summer and fall are where Cash gets to see the most action as
his brother is more mobile and fun to play with!

 Special thanks to Kelsea Joann Photography for putting up with us again during our annual family photo shoot! 
Let’s take a look at 2015….
January: The
Story of Wyatt Nickolas Coach
 We anxiously await the arrival of little Kelso #2 who decides to make a quick entrance. 

February: Entertaining
a Toddler with a Newborn
{Cash spends a LOT of time with Mom & Brother}Thanks to many family members, Cash is not forgotten while we spend every minute breastfeeding and packing.

March: Goodbye
! You probably noticed that there are ZERO blog posts between
February and April. In a 6 day stretch we’d had a baby and sold our house… so
attention was elsewhere. Then, once we got to Stayton at the end of March it
took us 8 weeks to get internet! We were plenty busy moving in though… but I
had to take some major business hits unfortunately. We survived though 😉

April: Movin’ On In Series
The many house projects begin! Painting, Fixing and Unpacking make for a very busy April. 

May: Toddler School begins! We finally settle in enough to get back on track with Toddler Education! We make it to the Library often, we introduce The Mess Mat and all sorts of sensory play! 

June: We get outside! Our Father’s
Day River Trip
 is one among many outdoor adventures with Dad. Cash reunites with his first love… WATER. 

July: The Family Adventures Begin! July
4th in Creswell
, The
Family Cabin
, Cash
turns 2
{Super Hero Training}and so much more! 

August: Gigs
in the Grass
, Petting
, The
Gilbert House
, Pirate
. These are just a few of our many adventures over the summer. 

September: A Family wedding leads us to a super fun California
 where we get to meet great grandparents! 

October: Pumpkin
& Halloween. Some great new Salem discoveries and DIY projects make for a very memorable October. This one will be tough to beat! 

November: Mommy
Made Craft Shows
& Baking Month. Also known as the Shopping season, which means Mom kicks into high gear for crafting. A new Mommy Made Team and Etsy store keep her plenty busy in addition to Toddler School. 

December: Handmade
Kelso Christmas 2015
. We decided to go all handmade this year for our Tree. The boys get to enjoy 4 whole weeks of craft projects which end with a grand finale TREE REVEAL!


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