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Sensory Bags {Dinosaur Month}

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Today we made sensory bags for Wyatt to go along with the Toddler School Dinosaur theme. Here is how you can make your very own for $2 using home supplies and Dollar Tree finds! 

What you need:
Gallon Storage Bag
$1 Store Sand
$1 Store Stickers
Duck Tape
Packaging Tape

First: Fill your bag with sand {not too much} and then plop in your 3D Dinosaur stickers. The sand will immediately coat the back and they will no longer be stickers.  

 Next: Squeeze as much air as you can out of the bag and seal. Then line the edges {especially the opening seam} with your preference in specially awesome Duck Tape {not to be confused with the handyman’s ducT tape}

I lay mine on the counter and cut the tape off at the edge so I don’t have too much overused. 

 I use my favorite thing ever, Masking Tape, to secure it down to the floor. Before you let too much playing happen though there is one more step for this particular bag….
Since this bag is full of sand… and I don’t trust little fingernails digging at 3D stickers, I’m going to add one more layer of protection. Cover your bag with a single layer of packaging tape which should reinforce it and you won’t have any accidents. THEN, let the playing begin!  

Share the Sweetness

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