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As I stated earlier in this blog, I am an avid blanket crochet-er… that said, I like I’m sure many like me have a mass storage of small balled up yarn leftovers which you are looking for something to do with. Well I have dedicated myself to finishing off these yarn scraps with baby hats. I will take it one week at a time producing 4-5 hats. I will then post them for sale on Etsy incase any of you devoted blog fans would like to fund my new habit as well as clear out some of my new inventory.

Lime Green Bobble Hat

This week’s hat production:
I am experimenting with a few stiches including the bobble stitch. This green hat has a 5-dc bobble.

Tan Hat

This Tan Hat used the starting basic stitches but I did rows 6-10 with a hdc instead of a dc for a tighter look.

Go Ducks! Hat
I finally got brave here and switched colors for the final row of hdc to finish off this Green & Yellow Oregon Duck hat. Here I used yarn left over from a blanket I made in the car on our way down to the 2010 Rose Bowl. The ball of yarn I had left was actually the perfect amount for this hat in that I just switched to the yellow trip just enough to finish it. Not intentionally at all. It just worked out that way.
Rainbow Trim

The switching of colors for trim on the Duck hat worked so well I intentionally did it to make this rainbow trim hat.

Stay tuned for next week’s production. To purchase hats click on the caption. You’ll be directed to my Etsy Store.

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