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How to build your Mom Block Schedule. Building Schedules for a Mom Routine. Mom Schedule Building. Organizing your Day. For this post I’m going to walk you through the Mom Block Schedule of my day and then send you over to my Mom Block Command Center Bookshelf from The Block Wall so that you can set up your own system at home. Among all of my Blocks, I realize everyone has different lives and not every one of my blog followers is exactly like me with running a craft business, and a blog and another business and then being a mom, but I think for the most part, everyone is a parent or at least a grandparent and I bet you have stuff you have to get done daily! So I think that this is the most likely Block that everyone can relate to and maybe install in their home if nothing else.

This post comes out of the mini blog unit: How do you get it all done? {Block Schedule Systems} where I begin to explain how I manage multiple small businesses from home, writing 2 blogs, raising 2 boys and oh yeah, being a wife… which tends to get left out… a lot.

From the anchor post you can gather that I section my day into timed “blocks” of focus and then transition into the next.

What is the Mom Block

My Blocks are all posted up on my wall in my office.I have built each Block into my daily schedule. The Mom Block happens 4 days per week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Each day has a different list of dedicated tasks to complete per day, per Block:

Weekly Menu Planning
Coupon Apps: Ibotta, Cartwheel
Pull Coupons & Sort
Family Scheduling

Board Tasks
Grocery Shopping

Update Supervisor Binders
Evaluate Learning Goals
Bill Pay- Online & Write Checks
Sort Tax Receipts & File
Make Phone Calls for Appointment


What I do on Sundays

Weekends are a bit chaotic at our house because dad’s home, kid’s are off schedule, we try to go out on adventures, see our families down I-5, etc, so even if I did bother to set a schedule for Sunday it would break nearly every time… but that doesn’t mean I ignore the Blocks! They just occur sporadically throughout the day. This is why I make my Block tasks thing that I don’t need to be sitting in one spot for. Everything is mobile and on my phone.

On Sundays I create my grocery list for Monday. I visit all of my app for grocery deals including Ibotta and Cartwheel. While breastfeeding a 2am, or while just sitting there rocking, you know, because if you get up or flinch he’ll wake up…. I would watch all my Ibotta videos on silent and just rack ’em up. Then I’d be fully loaded for Monday night! I still do this… since he is still up every 4 hours…. I also pull any pertinent coupons out of the newspapers and websites and store them in my Coupon Drawer.

The other main thing we always try to accomplish on Sunday is family scheduling and talking to my husband… oh yeah! That guy! I think I can schedule one conversation a week in with him! Nice to see you! Missed you!

What I do on Mondays

Mondays are full of other Blocks until the wee evening when dad gets home. Mondays are really tough on the boys after having two full days of dad and no schedule. So Mondays are not my favorite. Which is why I escape as soon as dad gets home and do my grocery shopping here. It’s also not very crowded at 7pm at night! If for some reason I don’t need to grocery shop I just complete a random task that has been written on the dry-erase board.

What I do on Tuesdays

Tuesdays are a big day for Toddler School and the Mom Block. On this day I use their Discovery Block to do my Mom Block and I update their Supervisor Binders which contain their learning goals, lesson plans and so much more.

What I do on Thursdays

Thursdays are designated for a special little Sub-Block that every mom dreads called Red Tape. This is when I sit down and pay all the bills, organize the taxes and file receipts and make all my phone calls for appointments. I truly hate being on the phone, especially when the kids are awake. So, I try to plan all the phone calls at once and get it over with like a band aid.

I also include at the bottom of my framed Mom Block a place to fill in upcoming events I shouldn’t forget or need to take action on. Appointments I need to schedule, Birthdays, Gifts I need to buy, Invitations I either need to send or RSVP and thank you cards I need to write.

Mom Block Command Center

Obviously, I need quite a bit of organization and supplies as I jump into productive mode when the Mom Block comes up. I have built myself a Command Center for this Block in a bookshelf. See it HERE



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