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What do Blogger Moms want for Christmas?

What do Blogger Moms want for Christmas? Christmas Gift Guide for Blogging Moms. Mom Gifts, Holiday Gift Guides

Are you shopping for Blogger Moms this year? Or, even better, are you a Blogger Mom shopping for herself? There are so many things that Blogger Moms need in our lives from more hours in the day, to perfect, magnetic hashtags, to self-editing pictures#noneofwhichexist

Unfortunately, those items can’t make the list. So, we must offer suggestions to our loved ones… enabling them to properly spoil us… and actually give us something we need, also making us more productive. Since, after all, that is really all we want. I just want time to blog damn it To be more productive.

So here is my list. A gift from me to you really, of all the things we Blogger Moms need more of in our lives. #sarcasmahead

1- Inspiration

We idolize other Blogger Moms {obviously} and need some swag to wear as we channel the necessary sarcasm elocution to get through the next post. Take this, “That’s Inappropriate” tank top for example. This here is some swag from one of my all time favorite Blogger Moms, Meredith from That’s Inappropriate, who blogs about the real life struggles of motherhood in  the best of ways. She sheds light on situations moms face daily such as The Man Cold, the ease of putting our kids to sleep and of course, marriage.

Buy it for yourself Wrap some Blogger Swag up under your tree: Blogger Mom Tank Top $22.99

2- Solidarity

Once we finally wrangle those toddlers into naptime and re-heat make our afternoon pick-me-up, we obviously need to snap a selfie for Instagram. #Thestruggleisreal when it comes to finally getting to blog. We all share the same plight that is #MomLife. Plus, we all really need a hashtag mug in our lives to feel complete.

Grab your own hashtag Mug or have one made for you by Joyful Maehem on Etsy: #MomLife Mug $14.00

3- Upgrades

Since we’re already self-proclaimed Rebels for our Momtrepreneur efforts, we might as well upgrade our cameras. Did you know that better pictures will dramatically increase Pinterest Traffic? Not to mention Etsy sales… To truly qualify as a #ClickinMom Blogger Moms need a Canon Rebel, the “Camera of Parents” and crown-jewel of a diaper bag. Her smartphone just cannot keep up with her speedy toddlers anymore and let’s face it, all she really wants is a picture of her snowflakes that isn’t blurry.

Upgrade her #Shutterbug status now with the Canon Rebel Bundle $449

4- Camera Swag

Okay, so maybe her diaper bag is already overflowing, or perhaps she doesn’t even carry a diaper bag anymore. That new camera you just spoiled her with needs to be readily accessible everywhere she goes so that she doesn’t miss a candid snapshot of her darlings. And obviously, she needs to look good and “serious” about it in case there are any other Moms judging watching. {Not other Blogger Moms, just Moms, because we Blogger Moms don’t judge} There are plenty of camera bags to choose from but I love how this Camera Coat provides an even quicker access to your clicker because Blogger Moms mean business when it comes to their Post Feature Image. It also includes a padded strap! #truth

Bonus: The strap can be reflective of her #spiritanimal

Your Blogger Mom Means Business when she is taking her pictures, so get her the proper accessories and a Camera Coat $45

5- Motivation

I don’t know about all Blogger Moms, but I blog about the loves of my life. My blog contributes directly to their little college funds. Everything I do, every 2am editing binge, post-push and social share is done in an effort to improve their lives.  I also write about them and being their mom. A large part of that is knowing who they are, how to help them and how to give the most to them. I have a Cancer and an Aquarius, #nerdalert who are two very different boys, and need very different behavioral modifications from me. I need to remember that daily and stay motivated when I’m nose to nose with them in an epic showdown of wits. Which believe me, it gets pretty epic around here when that Aquarius gets angry!

Keep the motivation going with tokens of who you write for with Zodiac Jewelry $15

6- Efficiency

Blogger Moms are often also crafty people. Is yours? I bet she is. Does she make things, sell them in her Etsy shop and then blog about them? Me too! Does your Mom Blogger need faster access to her crafting essentials so that she can hit the #naptimehustle ground running? Of course she does. For me, right now my efficiency is lacking when it comes to my sewing machine projects… If your mom already has a camera maybe splurge on a new sewing machine for her… here’s mine that I LOVE #sidetracked I am asking for this awesome trolley so that I can have all of my sewing materials readily available {and on wheels} so that I can pop-up shop as soon as their bedroom door is closed my angels slumber.

Improve your Blogger Mom’s crafty efficiency too with a Sewing Machine Trolley Organizer $170

7- Gift Cards

Most importantly, Mama needs fuel #realtalk… You can either fuel her with java or fuel her with the capability to quickly order something she needs when the Hooligans are fighting negotiating.  A constant flow of coffee is vital to your Blogger Mom’s success #trustme and she will most certainly Amazon Prime herself something, anything over the next year. #Amazonsellswine

If she does not already have Amazon Prime, you may as well get her that too! Send her some Gift Cards though! 

8- Empathy

We all wonder how Blogger Moms ever get anything done. We all know she’s planning and plotting out her exact 57 minutes of naptime, by the minute to be the absolute most productive. But then, of course, when she has a deadline, her little angels will not doze off. I hear you, Mom. I’m right there too. I know how you feel. #enoughsaid

Let your Blogger Mom know you’re there with her and send her a laugh: Go the F**k to Sleep $12

9- Distraction

So maybe her kids never go to sleep… Then what to do? You can’t plop them down in front of your plasma screen and Netflix… she’ll be judged that will rot their brains. So instead, let them ask Alexa a bazillion questions and sing the same song over and over again! {ooooh… you thought I meant a distraction for Blogger Moms…. nope, the Hooligans} Apparently, Alexa is the next-gen babe-sitter who will quickly become the household favorite because she can not only hear you from across the room, but she responds instantly… okay maybe she is meant for Mom…. since nobody else in my house does that…

Get your Blogger Mom some respect a break from all the questions, so she can Blog: The Alexa Dot $50

10- Organization

I am sure all Blogger Moms out there have tons of spare time to keep their houses completely organized and spotless. However, if she doesn’t, or if digging through her pantry for cans to toss into the crockpot isn’t her idea of a good time, this might help. I actually have several of these little babies which truly increase the available space and order of things in my food closet. I can keep better track of what we have and be much more efficient when tossing in our crockpot dinner ingredients. #efficientmomhack. Making dinner for the family is obviously a big deal for every mom, not just Blogger Moms, so anything that helps speed that process up is a huge win in my book.

Bonus: She can brag blog about how impressively organized her pantry is 😉

Go forth and Shop

Good Luck Blogger Mom Shoppers! Or, if you are the Blogger Mom, feel free to get yourself something nice… since after all, you’ll end up buying {and even wrapping} all of your own gifts anyway 😉 Annnnd… I hope you at least got a laugh from my overuse of hashtags. #BloggerMomHumor

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