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Cardboard Concerts {Upcycled Instruments}

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After the Holiday Season we’re always in this awesome tornado of “what to do now” with ourselves. We have all these new things and clothes that need to be sorted in, washed and organized.

And you know what?

It is absolutely true what they often say about kids and boxes…

But why shouldn’t their
favorite toy be the box?

Well, the holidays left us with no shortage of cardboard. In my hast to whip up something educational between packing up Christmas tubs I drew a ‘guitar’ we’ll call it {no art major here folks} on a flat piece of cardboard and cut it out. I then cut a hole in another small box and put a few rubber bands around it.

Cash took to the guitar like a fish to water. He’s big on music though. Wyatt truly enjoyed plucking at the rubber bands and listening to the music they made {so much so he crushed it with glee}

For added fun, I brought out the trusty mirror which is always good for a 20 minutes of fun. This time it was a rock concert jam session!

These little gems of a quick upcycled creation are still floating around our house today, weeks later. Cash has even made a special place for his flat, collapsible guitar on The Mess Mat so he can grab it when it’s time to jam.

If you have any cardboard just piling up around your house, I highly recommend a quick trace and cut. You can draw whichever instrument you like! Just let their imaginations do the work!

I further recommend allowing them to use your wooden spoons as drumsticks!
I used all of my saved plastic containers an a tin drum {that came with Christmas cookies} for one Mess Mat morning. It was a LOUD 10am but they certain enjoyed themselves! We also had plenty of opportunities to discuss safety as well…

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