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Cotton N’ Kandi Brand {Kid-tastic Apparel}

Welcome to my NEW Brand line for Baby & Toddler Crochet Apparel!

I have always been a crochet fanatic since I was young. I remember my mom making these amazing afghans with shell patterns and just staring at her work that hook in silence…. To create something so grand and seemingly spectacular with such practiced and patient effort became a great temptation for me. I don’t quite recall when I made my first “something” but it was a scarf, white with pink stripes at the end that I sold at a garage sale and was so thrilled that someone bought it! I was in middle school and my addiction was underway….

…It really took off in college for some reason. I have always been a multi-tasker and I think having something to do while “socializing” gave me something “productive” to do other than just sit around and stare at other college peers, which in my eyes at the times was LESS THAN productive. I guess if you know me very well you probably know that I just have to be “producing production” at all times! I can never be just doing nothing. I watch crime TV (Bones was written for me I’m sure!) because while I’m making a blanket, doing the daily crossword puzzle, making dinner, AND solving a crime, I feel like I didn’t waste an hour just watching TV… guilty pleasure extinguished 😉

Small Batch Manufacturer Registration Number: 026272-082015

Regardless, back to the point…. Now that I have a son my obsession with crochet has taken a new turn… naturally towards baby stuff!

August 2015 marked a new era for my crochet crafting in that we took a business leap. I’ve officially branded, registered with the government, been given my safety number and am ready to dedicate more time and energy to this part of my life.

I picked up a pattern book (I actually can’t read a pattern to save my life!) and just looked at the stitch pictures to start mentally preparing myself for this adventure. I came across a way to make a basic beanie and it just sort of exploded from there. Now I have altered the patterns, added some ears and voila! I have a whole bunch of options/collections that I now sell on Etsy with all profits going straight into my son’s 529 plan for college savings. Please support him (and my addiction) and take a look, or share anything you might like. There are a few baby toys, blankets and of course the classic scarf thrown in the mix too!

Baby Hat Collections…

Bunny Hats– Easter Basket Award Sales Record Set 2014! 

THANK YOU for supporting their COLLEGE FUNDS! All Hat sales directly contribute in their 529 College Savings Plans!
Update: Thanks to Hats, his first birthday Penny Party and of course family, Cash has his FIRST term of college already covered by his second Christmas!!
Cotton N' Kandi

2015 Etsy Christmas Shopping Event: BUY LOCAL!

Annual Etsy Shopping Spree
!!!Buy Local!!!

It’s that time of year where we’re all reading the ads and making our Black Friday game plan! I encourage you to BUY LOCAL this year from artists, crafters and the hardworking, hand-making, salvaging and restoring, re-purposing people of Oregon.
This is my

Annual Blog Shopping Spree Event

Where I have assembled treasuries featuring items from my Etsy Team Members and and other great local shops that maybe I just found or met today while shopping myself! I have here 4 great themed Treasuries that allow you to link through to Etsy and shop their Etsy “Stores” online. These amazing people aren’t paying me or giving me any other compensation to promote their shops… I just like them and they have been supporting me too all year!

If you are viewing the blog, and have never shopped on Etsy before that is totally okay! You may have to create an account to check out, but it will be worth it! When you click through to these TREASURIES you’ll see 16 items that I grouped together that look pretty. Sort of like a catalog. You can click on ANYTHING and be sent to the shop owners’ full store. See what else they have that isn’t featured in my Treasury 🙂 Buy ANYTHING local, not just what I have chosen to feature!

I will be monitoring and updating these treasuries between now and Christmas to make sure that each has 16 available at all times for your shopping convenience.


Red Christmas- Shop Local {Oregon Team Events}

These items are proudly made for you by Oregon Artisans! Support and Buy local this year!

Kid's Tunic Dress - Dress up Dress - Princess - Queen - Little Red Riding Hood Costume

5 inch Star with Musical Notes and Glitter

Emerald Green and Ruby Red Earrings from Recycled Soda Cans

Crochet Chunky Scarf, Circle Scarf, Women's Scarves, Bulky Scarf, Infinity Scarf, Crimson Red

Red Poinsettia Hand Painted Christmas Glass Art

Holiday Wine Glass Rings

Handmade Christmas Envelopes 9-Pack

Seminole Patchwork Christmas Stocking

Christmas, Organic, Cotton Pillow Case, Red, White, Green Embroidery, Pillowcase, Toddler Pillowcase, Travel Pillowcase, Eco Pilowcase, Gift

Red Cotton Pet Scarf, Small-Medium Scarf, Cat Scarf, Dog Scarf, Pet Accessories, Cat Accessories, Dog Accessories, Pet Clothes

Red and Orange Small Coin Purse Card Holder Zippered Pouch with Black Circle Lining

Pink Butterfly Necklace

3 Bookmarks, Recipe Markers, Stocking stuffer, Party favor, Housewarming gift, Avocado, Bright Red, Avocado Green

Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace

Natural Sea Urchin Ring, Quote "Firmly Rooted", Adjustable Ring, Ocean Jewelry, Statement Ring, Nautical

Crochet circle scarf/cowl  perisommon color


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Charcoal Christmas- Shop Local {Oregon Team Events}

These items are proudly made for you by Oregon Artisans! Support and Buy local this year!

Racoon Polymer and Resin Necklace

Leather lariat, pearl and leather necklace, rustic wedding jewelry, Leather and pearl jewelry, white pearl jewelry, Boho jewelry

Rusty Mouse Recycled Metal Garden Art

Custom etched metal house sign 8"x12"

Personalized Monogram Initial Letter "C" Hand Painted Stained Glass Art

Recycled Notepad - Small Note Book - Refillable Notepad - Monkey in a Hat Hanging From a Tree - Upcycled Children's Book

Essential oils leather diffuser necklace - dark gray circular braided leather with pearl pendant

Three Branch Hooks, cast in pewter

PAPER BEAD NECKLACE  greens tan coral natural heishi beads

Kids Castle Curtain Fantasy Fairytale Harry Potter Room Decor Curtains Window Closet

set of 4 All-Natural Lip Balm - custom scent

Native American Inspired Boot Bling, Native American Inspired Boot Jewelry, Star Sun Boot Jewelry, Native Inspired Boot Jewelry Western Wear

Nursery Vinyl Decal

Kid's Crown - Tiara - Princess - Dress up Costume - Birthday Princess Crown - Snow Queen

Fluorite and Moonstone Earrings  - Semiprecious Gemstone and Sterling Silver

Silver Glam Metallic Stripe Large Zip Pouch, Tech, Cosmetic Pouch with Teal Chevron Lining


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BUY LOCAL {Oregon Made} Cozy

Support Oregon Artists and Handcrafters this Holiday Season! This Treasury comes to you as part of a promotional Christmas Shopping Spree.

vintage linen hand embroidered napkins

Eggnog Flavor - Vegan Lip Balm - Natural Lip Butter - Bath and Beauty  - no beeswax- bath and body

Rustic Christmas Home Decor, Vintage, Holly Jolly Christmas, Red, Shabby Chic, Country, Gift, Xmas Decoration, Seasonal, Holiday 8x10

Spring Cleaning Brooms and Duster Set in your choice of Natural, Black, Rust or Mixed Broomcorn

Mason Jar Warmer (Quart)

Thankful Painted Stained Glass Art

Kid's Dragon Wings - Flame - Dinosaur Costume - Dress up - Dragon Rider - Dragon Slayer

Red jasper round and nugget beaded necklace with a red jasper pendant.

Heart Earrings with Pearls Handmade from Watermelon Recycled Soda Can

Paper bead jewelry- Paper bead bracelet- Paper beads- Recycled paper beads- Stretch bracelet- Stretchy bracelet- Paper bead stretch bracelet

Paracord Small Tuggie DogToy, Paracord Medium Tuggie Dog Toy, Paracord Large Tuggie Dog Toy, Paracord Tugger Dog Toy, Fetch Dog Toy

Message Pendant Tiny Key. Shy

SALE White Leaf Small Zip Pencil Pouch Bag with Orange Lining

Light Mineral Foundation • Mineral Makeup • Natural Makeup • Gluten-Free Makeup • Earth Mineral Cosmetics

RHUBARB Garden Sign, Painted & Oil Sealed Cedar Wood: Hand Routed

Pine needle basket, gold, copper, rust, wall art, contemporary, boho, wall hanging, original artwork, pine needle sculpture  "Heart Felt"


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Colorful Christmas- Shop Local {Oregon Team Events}

These items are proudly made for you by Oregon Artisans! Support and Buy local this year!

The best wines are the ones we drink with friends etched metal sign

Pink Glitter Fingerless Office Mittens

Organic Flax and Lavender Relaxation Eye Pillow - Pink and Purple Ombre

Custom Wrap Bracelet, Custom Beaded Silk Wrap, Bracelet Mother's Day Gift, Custom Yoga Bracelet, Custom Boho Bracelet, Custom Gypsy Bracelet

Dainty Damask Blush Pink and Gold Paper Straws, Blush Wedding Decor, Blush Pink Baby Shower, Blush Lace Paper Straws, Vintage Old fashioned

Vintage Brass Necklace with Butterfly Upcycled Eco Friendly

Orange Spice Lip Balm /// Clove & Sweet Orange /// Made with Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter /// 1/2 oz tin canister

Dance Necklace - Hand Stamped Necklace - Dance More Necklace - Ballet Necklace - Purple Dance Necklace - Antique Bronze Necklace

Tinted Lip Balm Gift Set • Natural Handmade Tinted  Lip Balm • Lip Tint Trio Gift Set • Earth Mineral Cosmetics Brand • Bath And Beauty

Homestead Sunrise - Felted Wool Wall Hanging

45 Cal Charm Necklace

Paper beads- Paper bead jewelry- Recycled paper beads- Loose paper beads- Jewelry supplies- Beading supplies- Bicone paper beads- Beads

Rose pink glass pearls with glass pink/green/white beads, hand beaded necklace.

Water Goddess Necklace, Water Goddess Moon Necklace

Paracord Cobra Weave 36 Inch Name Badge Neck Lanyard

Non Slip Wide Headband. Workout Headband. Adjustable Headband. Tye Dye. Gifts For Mom. Yoga, Fitness.


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Happy LOCAL Shopping!! 
& THANK YOU from us Etsians in Oregon!
**I have made hundreds of other treasuries worth shopping too! Find my favorites HERE!
Cotton N' Kandi

Pumpkin Hats {Cotton N Kandi}

Happy October! Quite the fun little photo shoot with my gentleman model here! 
Hats are all made by hand, by me. 
They are available in sizes 13″ Newborn to 25″ Adult. Measurements are based on head circumference. See my Etsy Listing for more details and how to order. Order yours HERE

Cotton N' Kandi, How To | DIY

DIY Hat Display Stand {Repurpose Project}

As you know if you’re a blog follower or just a frequent customer, I make hats. I crochet sizes and styles from newborn to adult. Every hat I sell directly contributes to our sons’ 529 College Savings Accounts. Read more about my mission HERE

Recently I was able to expand my space inside The Picken Coop {our awesome little vendor store here in Stayton} to also sell my hats. So now I have them on sell to the public in addition to selling them online internationally on Etsy through The Vintage Event.

The bottom line is that I had a need to better display them so that they would stand out in the store. I have a huge shelf and let’s face it; they don’t look so great all just laying flat. They needed to be shown off with some flare! I am also taking my hats and the new Cotton N’ Kandi Brand to this year’s Holiday Food and Gift Fair at the Lane County Fairgrounds {Nov 13-15} and am playing with some ways to display for that! Another bonus…. I need another way to take pictures of the hats for the Etsy store… so these are a win-win-win! AND, I’m upcycling something old instead of buying actual hat stands online or something. I just can’t resist a repurposing craft project!

Materials Needed:
Brass Candlesticks
Fabric Quarters
Styrofoam balls
Spray Paint {Assorted Colors}

First things first, hit your local thrift store, I used Goodwill this time, and garage sales. Pick up some old brass candle sticks. Mine ranged in prices from $0.99 to $3.99 BUT if you only grab the one with the 50% off sticker at Goodwill you’ll be money ahead!

 Spray paint them!

I stalk pile my fabric quarters when Joann’s does there Black Friday Sale and I can get them for less than $1 each. I happened to have enough in the white spectrum for this project to all match!
Iron your squares and cut them to have the desired excess you want after they drape over the ball.


While balancing the ball on top of the candle stick synch the fabric over it and tie tight with the twine. Nope, I didn’t even glue them! So I can take them apart as needed.


The longest part of the whole process was seriously waiting for the paint to dry! I investigated many DIY hat display tutorials on Pinterest that involved wood dowels and drilling holes into the Styrofoam… and this just seemed WAY easier! Not to mention I love the shabby chic rustic look they have with the bold colors and twine.

Cotton N' Kandi

Etsy Shop Featurette {JD Lord}

Blog Featurette: Etsian JD Lord
Etsy is our online marketplace for
selling all things handmade, vintage, creative and beautiful!
Every month I host a Blog
Treasury Challenge
where my fellow Etsians submit a themed treasury to be
voted on by their peers.
The best treasury to receive the
most votes earns a Blog Featurette, an Exclusive
and 25% Off Coupon Code to my shop, The Vintage Event!
This month’s WINNER is Janet of JD Lord
SALE Custom Designed Clock Featuring My Photo of Lavendar Flowers. I Love Custom Orders.Photography is her favorite thing
to do. She has loved photography since she was small and
returned to her passion about 3 years ago after about 4 years of not having
time. She loves the spring season when everything is new and there are
lots of things in nature to photograph. What make her photography unique
is that she makes some of them into fractals. She also enjoys macro photography
where she takes close up pictures some times to the point where you can’t tell
what it is.
Photography is her
passion but, she also loves and sells ViVi jewelry.
You will find a portion of her work in her Etsy shop. She also designs
umbrellas using her photos and has placed photos on pillows, totes, and clocks
too. Her photos, pillows, and clocks can add color and art to any business,
office, or home.
Follow Janet on twitter:
@J_D_Lord. On Pinterest and Facebook
 Inventory Sale. Automatic Straight Umbrella Designed using one of my photos. 41" Span, Strong and Sturdy. Normally 49.99.Coffee Mug Featuring my Photo of a Purple Flower. Cup

**** If you would like to be invited into my next Blog Treasury

  1. Visit Janet’s Exclusive
  2. Leave an encouraging comment
  3. Heart all 16 items
I’ll let you know when your
Treasury Challenge is due! Thank you for reading!
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