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Family Adventures {Halloween 2015}

I’m sure you all were following along on the edges of your seats for Pirate Month in Toddler School! {ha ha!} Well I actually happened to come across this adorable little Jake the Pirate costume at a garage sale in August for only $5. I couldn’t get Cash to dress up in it for Pirate Month, so I held onto it for Halloween. Not only that, but I decided it would be a super fun DIY project to make his little sidekick brother a Parrot too! Boy did Wyatt pull that off well!

  Not only THAT, but I recruited the ever so talented {the genetics run deep here} Zizi to turn their stroller into an ultimate pirate ship. Per usual, I got more than expected. Unfortunately though, the weather did not allow us to actually take it outside… no worries though! We’re going to use it for the Creswell July 4th parade {I think}. It’s pretty impressive. Too much so to take a part without letting the world see it first! Thank you Zizi and Papa Matt for all your creative hard work! 

 This was Cash’s first year to actually trick or treat and he got to do so with fellow pirate {cousin Marissa} so that was really exciting. She had to show him the ropes!



 Who knows what next year will bring?

Kelso Family Adventures

Family Adventures {The Pumpkin Patch}

Billy was super excited to start hunting down new traditions for the family fall and winter shenanigans. One of the very fun things we like to do with the boys is go to a pumpkin patch in the fall. Billy found an awesome little place right near here that even has a train ride!

We were really excited to spend the day with Grandpa Bill & Grandma Millie too! Cash also got to spend time with his cousins

Cash waiting not so patiently for the train ride. 

Today was also the first run for my new Nommies by Mommy teething necklace, which I’m so glad I had! You’ll see Cash using it a lot throughout the day. He’s a thumb sucker, so this gave him something else to channel his anxiety into. 

We finally get to board the train! 

The train dropped us off at a little crafter’s village where they had fun things set up for kids to do including this gutter duck race! 
We then took a carriage ride out to the pumpkin patch where Cash got to pick his own pumpkin and Wyatt rolled around in the mud. The rest of this post is shameless cuteness sharing… so you can leave now if you must 😉 

Until next year!

Kelso Family Adventures

Family Adventures {California Road Trip}

A Family Wedding called us down to Southern California for our first extra long family road trip…

The boys have both been up to Spokane, a 9 hour drive….but this trip demanded 15+ hours from them to be in a car seat….much was learned. Cash got himself a new teddy bear for the car ride whom he quickly named, Grandpa Richard!

Since we were in town for a wedding we spent most of our trip surrounded by family. Which was wonderful. Our boys are extremely fortunate to have FOUR great-grandparents whom they were able to meet on this trip.

We spent the first few days with Grandpa Craig’s parents.  Going to the park and playing with Legos.

 The we were off to enjoy wedding party activities including a trip to the Race Track! We lost $7… but the boys looked cute! We all had fun dressing up to meet the dress code. 
 I got to wear my Vera Wang dress that I bought at a garage sale for $3

 The wedding was wonderful and Kelsea Joann Photography was able to capture this little gem…

Kelso Family Adventures

Family Adventures {Gilbert House Children’s Museum}

If you’re looking for a fun day out with your toddler I HIGHLY recommend the Gilbert House Children’s Museum. Although, prepare better, unlike us and plan to spend the whole afternoon there! After moving to Salem, and diving into the recreation available here, we decided to take Zizi to the museum for the morning while she was visiting. We had no idea what to expect and what we were getting into. Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised by what we found!

Little did we know there are THREE buildings of toddler activity heaven…. Cash would have spent hours just in the first room.

 We eventually convinced him to venture upstairs, passing the cookie counter wall and into the Asia themed room with the Panda Bears… again hard to convince to leave!

 Moving on {finally} we entered a room with a large screen and light reflective play. Cash was a little too young to fully appreciate the coolness of this room, and made a quicker exit. We’ll be back though!

 Now this is the exhibit that captivated the toddler the most. There is an air tube where you can ‘launch’ cut pieces of pool noodles into the air. I’m sure there is a more scientific explanation…. It is surrounded by aviation exhibits and other airplane fun…. but Cash probably launches about a hundred noodles into the air, non stop! Which gave us a great break to feed Wyatt…

 And finally, there is a “garden” room where you can pull up carrots, pluck fruit off of trees painted on the wall and a whole lot more, including a life sized cow {which you cannot ride} and tractors {which you can ride} We ran out of time and had to leave before spending quality time in each exhibit. We will definitely be back though! 

We had a fantastic experience and the staff members we did meet were very nice and helpful. I would highly recommend a trip here if you’re coming through the Salem area!

Kelso Family Adventures

Family Adventures {Petting Zoo}

We had an opportunity this year to attend my dad’s company party. It was very family friendly and children were encouraged to attend so that they could participate in the petting zoo! 
Cash apparently has no fear of creepy, crawly things… and even takes a casual stroll with a snake in tow….