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How to Plan Ahead Blogger Mom Snacks

How to plan ahead Mom Snacks. Mom Lunch Routines. Routines for Blogger Moms. Mom Life Hacks. Meal Planning for Moms. Mom doesn't eat solutions. Meal Prep Lunches. Plan ahead Lunch Ideas. WAHM Mom HacksI think we’ve all been there. We hustle through our morning, reheat that coffee and then make lunch for the kids before shipping them off to naptime. We don’t sit down until we’re finally at the computer ready to start blogging, except you realize that you haven’t eaten anything all day except the 3-heat coffee. Now that you can finally focus on your work, you can’t actually focus because your body is crashing. You need some Mom Snacks.

How to Plan Ahead Mom Snacks

This actually happens to me all the time, I forget to eat. I know what you’re thinking, how is that possible when your kids are asking to eat every 10 minutes? I will tell you. I don’t eat when they are eating because they are distracted. When they’re at the counter eating I go switch the laundry, go to the bathroom all by myself and do another little chore without their little hands imposing. Emptying the dishwasher knife basket is a big one.

The Problem

This is common practice in my house actually, I do not take the time to eat because I have so many other things to do while they’re eating or not paying attention to me. I’m not going to waste a precious alone moment on eating.

Ideally, I’d be able to eat while we were reading or playing on The Mess Mat. But then, I’m showing them that it’s okay to walk around the house chewing, which it’s not. {at least we’d like to teach them it isn’t} Sometimes I pop an Aussie Bite {Costco awesomeness} while Wyatt has me anchored to the couch, but then he wants one too and all the sudden I have a trail of crumbs stretching 10 feet. So I avoid eating in front of them to prevent them asking for my food or role modeling scarf attacks. It’s a vicious cycle… you’d think I’d be thinner… {See how I Cheat Fitness at Home}

How to plan ahead Mom Snacks. Mom Lunch Routines. Routines for Blogger Moms. Mom Life Hacks. Meal Planning for Moms. Mom doesn't eat solutions. Meal Prep Lunches. Plan ahead Lunch Ideas. WAHM Mom HacksThe Solution

Plan Ahead Meal Prep is a fantastic Mom Saver. I do Crock Pot Meal Planning which is a true savior for me on a weekly basis. I buy dinner groceries and then spend an evening filling freezer bags while dad watches the kids. Why should Mom’s lunch be any different? I now take that same hour after grocery shopping and Plan Ahead 5 Mom Snacks/Lunches.

Now back to that time-saving thing above about how I’m not wasting my precious kid-free moments on eating. The same concept applies here. I’m not going to consume a big lunch type meal and take up 20 minutes of naptime feeding myself. I’m just not. If you’re a Mom Blogger you know that your fingers need to be typing every second those baby eyes are closed, not holding a sandwich. So Mom Snacks are the way to go for me. I choose healthy, energy and protein-packed snacks that wake me up. But the best part, I can eat them with one hand!

How to plan ahead Mom Snacks. Mom Lunch Routines. Routines for Blogger Moms. Mom Life Hacks. Meal Planning for Moms. Mom doesn't eat solutions. Meal Prep Lunches. Plan ahead Lunch Ideas. WAHM Mom HacksMom Snacks

Weren’t kid’s Lunchables a brilliant idea? They sure were when it comes to efficiency anyway. The same idea works for me when building my Mom Snacks. I use a Reusable, 3 Compartment container from California Home Goods. These are truly a brilliant product. They are slim, seal tight and are microwaveable, plus dishwasher safe!

I choose to fill mine with a variety of snack type food but you can easily fill them with salads, pasta and so much more. Did you know they sell cheese already cubes? They do. #MomWinning If I don’t have time to eat I certainly don’t have time to cube cheese.

I also recently discovered these amazing new crackers called Good Thins. You must try the Sweet Potato kind! I’m sort of a crunchy, salty person though, so whatever floats your boat.

Multiple Uses

These containers are perfect for kid’s lunches too. They are slim enough to fit in a backpack and take to school, or they’re also the perfect size for a toddler lap. I may even take them with me to family Holidays now just so I can be sure to bring home my own leftovers 😉 You can also slip them into your purse or diaper bag to take to restaurants for leftover storage.

How to plan ahead Mom Snacks. Mom Lunch Routines. Routines for Blogger Moms. Mom Life Hacks. Meal Planning for Moms. Mom doesn't eat solutions. Meal Prep Lunches. Plan ahead Lunch Ideas. WAHM Mom HacksThe Bottom Line

I think we can all agree that Mom needs to eat during the day. But we can all also understand they sometimes she forgets. Obviously, the best option would be for her, and me to eat a full, healthy meal with my kids and not have to worry about multitasking. I’d be the most nutritious mom on Earth if I could pull that off, but I can’t. That’s the reality. At least I’m one step closer to success by even identifying this problem and making steps to solve it. I know my body needs more food than this, which I give it at dinner. But for now, this is the absolute best way I can pull together this #MomWin. I’m eating more now at lunch time with these Plan Ahead Mom Snacks than I have since I had Wyatt, which is a huge win for me. These little power boosts get me through to dinner time and I still feel like I didn’t waste a bunch of precious work time.

All Moms, and really all Bloggers, can benefit from these easy to carry, convenient snack containers. Plan ahead, box them up and bring them with you to your #naptimehustle computer work. You won’t regret it!

*This post is not sponsored by California Home Goods. They have no idea I’m writing it or that I even exist. I found these on my own and genuinely enjoy using them. I have included my affiliate link through Amazon.

How to plan ahead Mom Snacks. Mom Lunch Routines. Routines for Blogger Moms. Mom Life Hacks. Meal Planning for Moms. Mom doesn't eat solutions. Meal Prep Lunches. Plan ahead Lunch Ideas. WAHM Mom HacksHow to plan ahead Mom Snacks. Mom Lunch Routines. Routines for Blogger Moms. Mom Life Hacks. Meal Planning for Moms. Mom doesn't eat solutions. Meal Prep Lunches. Plan ahead Lunch Ideas. WAHM Mom Hacks


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Hi There! I’m Kandice
Wife, WAHM and mother to 2 Hooligan boys, sharing my Sweet & Sticky Story of Motherhood.
Life changes after 2 Toddlers {obviously} so now I’m sharing how I turn those every day #MomProblems into a Story of #MomWinning by building new Small Systems, Organizing Mom Routines and Making Mommy Money Online by Blogging.

Mom Life Organizing

How to Build a Mom Block Command Center

How to Build a Mom Block Command Center. Mom Organizing Strategies. Built of the Block Schedule SystemWouldn’t you like to see every Mom’s Command Center? I know I would. In an earlier post, I talked about Building a Mom Block Schedule through my Block Schedule System. During my Mom Block, I have specific tasks I focus on so that during the set time I am most productive. On Sundays, I plan the grocery shopping trip with my coupons. On Thursdays, I pay all the bills and do what I call the Red Tape Mini Block. The Mom Block is really the time I set aside to accomplish all the little Mom jobs that can build up if they are not checked off your list daily.

Building a Mom Block Command Center

So now let’s talk about the coordinating Command Center. You can see my whole Bookshelf Block Wall System HERE, but for this post, we’re focusing on the Mom Block. My Command Center is where I keep everything I need to accomplish my Mom Block tasks. Having it all in one place, easy to grab, make me more efficient and productive. I never have to look for something before I start working on it. I know exactly where it is at all time.

A major time-sucker is looking for what you’re supposed to be working on, or the materials to do it. 

How I Organize my Command Center

How to Build a Mom Block Command Center

Side Hustles

Top-Top: Like every other work from home parent I’ve constantly got a few things listed on online sale sites like Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. These items are mostly textbooks or small things. I keep them above the Mom Block because they contribute to my Mommy Money side hustles… which isn’t actually a business…. it’s a mom thing. We all do it.

Here is where I also store, within quick reach my favorite Room Spray from Millie’s Ole Farmhouse Mercantile, because who doesn’t love to work in a yummy smelling office!

Thank You Cards

On the top shelf of the bookshelf, I keep all of my gift tags and small gift bags for those last minute exchanges or thank you presents. Front and center I have my Thank You Card stash. Yep, I’ve got a thing for sending thank you cards. I have my 2 jars for repurposed items like twist ties, command hooks, fasteners and things that are just too valuable to toss just yet since I might need them again. Then I have rubber bands.

Label Maker

Next shelf I have my label maker. My sister and I once joked that “My label maker is to me as her camera is to her“…. we just don’t feel complete without it by our side! Next to it I have my Ongoing TO DO Box where I keep my tablet of progress on bigger projects. Right now I’m making plans to landscape the front entry to our new house so I’m charting bloom times of my favorite plants. It’s a project that has no solid end date or pressure, so it lives here as sort of a ‘fun’ thing to look forward to when the time suits.

Binders & Drawer Organizer

This next shelf we have all of my boys’ binders including their Medical Binder and their Supervisor Binders which I run Toddler School with.  I also use their Supervisor Binders to leave with whoever is watching my kids while I’m at work. I’ve listed their schedules, their behaviors and what my parental expectations are along with house rules. Full post in the works.

I also have a binder full of my PE lessons back from my Kindergarten teaching days. I reference it when I need a Gross Motor Game at the end of the day. Glad I kept it! I also have a binder for all of the mailers I get from the Growing Child Program. When I was pregnant with Cash one of my mom friends subscribed me as her gift and they’re still coming even 2 years later! They are very helpful and hilariously spot on with what we’re going through! I can now even go back and revisit them for Wyatt! Perhaps I’ll pass them along when my next niece or nephew arrives 😉 No pressure…

To the right, I keep a Drawer Organizer with pull outs
  • Gift Certificates that we receive…. looking for date night? Go here! Need some retail therapy? Go here!  I don’t like to keep them in my wallet in case it get’s lost and I do like having them all in one spot so I know what we have!
  • Coupon Storage and I’ll write an entire post about that system {LATER}
  • Photo Garage: Now I think this is a drawer or box that EVERYONE should have in their home…. This is where I keep all those pictures I cannot bare to throw away. Our house was decked out in newborn Cash pictures and then Wyatt came so I switched out Cash for Wyatt, then they grew up so I switched out newborn Wyatt… but I can’t possibly put pictures of my babies in the trash! Can you?! Never! So they get parked in the garage. and when I do another cycle of re-framing I’ll cycle them through again. OR, when the grandparents come over they might LOVE to take this 8 x 10 off my hands! Glad that I can readily find it for them to send it to a new home! I don’t really do photo albums since I’m so addicted to Shutterfly and can produce the same photo album for all grandparents efficiently.

Red Tape & Catch All

Next shelf down is a basket for all of my Red Tape To DO, two little CATCH ALL baskets for things that break and need to be fixed, buttons to be sewn back on, toy pieces, etc. and a tray of stickers {cut off return address labels-FREE} that we use for Cash’s sticker charts.

Toddler School Supply Tubs

The tubs on the bottom of the bookshelf are mainly supplies that I like to have on hand. To the left I have a tub for Kid Stuff which just makes its way into the house either as a little gift or freebie from the bank, etc. I use these are incentive or gifts later on when needed. You never know when something might go perfectly with a monthly lesson theme! Which takes me to the right tub and our Monthly Theme for Toddler School. Pictured I have it full of Dinosaur Month stuff which is just waiting to come out for their lessons throughout the month. I get most of my Monthly Theme supplies from the DollarTree!

Below I have a tub for Felt Pieces {totally use these a ton with Wyatt on textures and for several other things…. welp looks like I need to write a FELT Activities post! Then I have a large tub that is a catch all for Toddler School with things that I see in stores or upcycle craft items I think I can use later. Sometimes I just look and see what I have a ton of already before deciding a theme for the month. That is exactly how why I did Pirate Month! I had a ton of great things already and didn’t have to buy much!

Then finally on the bottom I have a few tubs dedicated to the last minute… I know, I know, I have prepared to forget…. so be it, I’m a worst case planner! I’ve got a whole tub for Emergency Gifts because, well, you know, you forget. I also have a tub full of goodies, which, if not eaten by me also makes great gifts! I then again have a Kid’s Education tub for overflow stuff that doesn’t really qualify as a manipulative but can be used some how educationally, like filler for sensory bags!

Kids Parties wraps it all up for this Block and here is where I store stuff I’ve found on sale and couldn’t refuse. I’m also a party planner, so I’m constantly thinking about my boys’ birthdays. Cash is in July and Wyatt is in January, but sometimes what I need for Cash’s party goes on sale in December! So I store it here until party time. You can see there is already a theme hiding in there… shhh no peeking!

You need this too…

I am pretty confident that this Mom Block or Parent Block Command Center could be useful in your home even if it is the only one. Everyone needs to Pay Bills, Attend Birthdays, send Thank You Cards, so try it. I know mine is intense, it always will be. That’s how I like it! Good Luck!

Hi There! I’m Kandice
Wife, WAHM and mother to 2 Hooligan boys making the most out of my Sweet & Sticky {not sure who is who yet… they change daily}
Life is what you make it and when you accept your Sweet & Sticky you can regain control of your chaotic #MomLife.
Before Motherhood I was never late, preached efficiency and even color coded my closet. Life changes after 2 Toddlers {obviously} so now I’m building new Small Systems, Organizing Mom Routines and Charting Schedules that keep our Team productive.
Join me for Toddler School with Cash & Wyatt
Follow along as I solve Mini Mom Life Problems
Keep up on my Mommy Money Online Income Goals!

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How to Win The Toddler Hour | My 7 Day Game Plan

How to Win the Toddler Hour. How to survive your toddler's worst hour of the day. We all know which hour of the day this is…. The Toddler Hour is that one magic window of time each day, when your tiny cherubs are replaced by miniature monsters and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Short fuses, flared tempers and “Mommy Hold ME!” {a thousand times over} make your eye twitch this entire hour.

You begin the count down until your spouse is home… ticking off every minute. You have tried every schedule,  switched nap times, skipped nap times and even gone to extreme measures to avoid this hour in your day with bribes and maybe chocolate… in vain.

It is truly unavoidable.

Coping with this Hour is a rite of passage that parents everywhere must endure, survive and buckle down for when it arrives day after day. But I have a plan that might help you. Let’s turn this massive Mom Problem into a story of #MomWinning.

What is a Toddler Hour?

My Hooligans, Cash & Wyatt each take their afternoon nap, which ends at approximately 5:00pm every day. This is when our carnival ride of terror begins. Up until nap time they were angels, polite, intuitive, pleasant and even chimed “no thank you” to decline my requests.

But I know its coming. I have done everything in my power to beg and negotiate this hour of my day out of our schedule completely but no manner of spreadsheet sorting works… it’s going to happen. At 5:00pm in my house, all hell breaks loose.

If nobody has cried all day, floods of tears break the dam right now, as soon as I open the bedroom door.

Why you ask? Most likely because I’m wearing a shirt WITHOUT The Hulk on it right now, or perhaps because I opened the door too fast or too slow. We all know the cause for chaos is not the point… it could be the angle of the moon throwing them off…. therefore Mommy must hold everyone who is crying for the next 90 minutes and she may not move unless she wants an upgrade to super sized crocodile tears….

The countdown begins… Exactly 90 minutes until my husband walks through the door! But wait, reality check. I actually can’t sit down on the couch holding two screaming Hooligans for the next 90 minutes…. I could quite possibly lose my mind {along with my waistline… and that’s just too much to ask}

How to Win the Toddler Hour

This post is definitely NOT about eliminating this Toddler Hour but how I build a 7-Day Game Plan for surviving it. You can too. No matter where your Toddler Hour shows itself, you can implement these seven simple strategies for up to 90 minutes each day. It’s true, you CAN do this!

So here I go… my 7-Day plan for surviving beating this Toddler Hour.


Mondays are the worst. We’re just coming off of a weekend where they had Dad all day. The first question uttered to me through the 5pm tears is “Where’s Dad?! I want DAD!” so my game plan:

Screen Time

I pull out the big guns and we watch TV. Yep. Screen time. They didn’t get TV all day today because we did the Mess Mat and other great stuff in our schedule. I SAVE the power of this magical, glowing, plasma box for when I truly need it: Mondays at 5pm.

How to win the Toddler Hour every day of the week. My 7-Day Game Plan for the time of day when my toddlers are at their worst. Parenting Survival Strategies RevealedTuesdays

Don’t ever come over to my house on a Tuesday. Well actually, if you want to help me clean come on over…. We’ve survived Monday. We were all happy Monday. On Tuesdays, to remedy the fact that it is no longer a fun Monday we do Toddlers in the Kitchen so everything is a complete mess. My game plan:


If you do come over to my house on a Tuesday be prepared to step on some food. In fact, today I just may have let my toddler eat a bowl of rice in the living room ~_(:})_/~ Don’t judge. I wouldn’t. {More ammo for my Toddler Hour buddy!} Both kids LOVE the vacuum. The magic spinning vortex of crap they forgot to clean up. Oooh and Aaah! They are delightfully distracted {or at least I can’t hear them} for the entire hour. And, yes, you may also catch me vacuuming my entire house with just the hose….


This is a much better day than Tuesday and even Monday. We leave the house. On Wednesdays I work {seemy WAHM career here} so it is a car day. The boys go with me to the Post Office to ship Etsysales, we go to my storage unit for clients, yaddah yaddah. We come home, get out of the car and go straight into nap time. They have not played in the house  with any toys all day. This makes my game plan easy:

Noisy Toys

You know all those toys you tell the grandparents SPECIFICALLY not to buy because they make obnoxious noises and blink strobe lights? Yep, all of those ones. I keep them all together in one tub up in the attic. On Wednesdays they come out. I drag them down at about 4:30pm and place them front and center on The Mess Mat. I have even set one of those bad boys {one of the real juicy ones that plays for a long time} off right before I open the bedroom door so that they can hear the incessant sweet sounds of Elmo’s singing and come running. They hardly notice I’m there… except for the occasional “Where’s Dad?” question tossed in my direction.


Thursdays are great days. We go to our Library for a dance class which wares them out for nap time. They sleep long and hard, usually later than normal. We get home about Noon and then we workout in our living room for 2 hours until nap time which also tires them out. Yoga, dancing, Wyatt likes to jump up and down right now… whatever floats your boat dude. I can usually prolong my Toddler Hour to 5:30pm, which means I only have 30 minutes of it to survive until Dad walks in the door so my game plan:


On Thursdays, I retreat behind some closed door as soon as Dad gets home. Thursdays are NOT the days he mows the lawn, dawdles in the garage before entering, etc. As soon as he gets home he takes over. I shower, take a LONG soak in the bathtub or go up into our attic loft to organize something. It’s another magical thing about motherhood… when they can’t see you, they forget how to whine!

I recently read this completely true and accurate, fictional article about why children are 800% worse when their Mothers are in the room, which totally proves my point.

Dad has a great time with them and the Toddler Hour just seems to evaporate when he shows up… I’m just the lucky one I guess!


This is my husband’s day off work. HOORAY! So I go to work. All of my meetings are scheduled these days as well as all of my errands so I am literally gone all day on purpose. I don’t come home for the Toddler Hour, so I am strategically not home for it. Which makes my game plan:

Total and Utter Avoidance

If for some reason I am home and not working that day I actually leave the house. I find somewhere to go that is not home. I may walk around the DollarTree building upcoming themes for Toddler School or
just casually stroll up and down the aisles of Wal-Mart looking for things I could stick a label on. I’ve survived the week, so I’m outta there. And guess what, there have been no reported Toddler Hours with Dad on Fridays… yep, as I mentioned earlier, I’m just the lucky one.


It’s the weekend! Weekends are wonderful. We do fun things as a family or I get to go to work! I’m probably at a wedding, which means the boys are probably with a grandparent or two. They may also be on a golf course with Dad or playing in the sprinklers… They’re having an absolutely great day out of their normal routine and they’re enjoying every minute. My game plan:


Me twirling and spinning like Julie Andrews in a field. Enough said. I’m present but more like hiding behind a bush so nobody can ask me any questions… mute, fly on a wall style. I’m sure they’ll survive without me from 5pm to 6:30pm. Every other minute of this day is pretty amazing though and I don’t like to miss them… just from 5pm-6:30pm {you know what I mean}


This is the day where we must regroup, have a family staff meeting and strap on our parenting helmets for the upcoming week of Toddler Hours. I must soak in a few last minutes of quiet time before Monday hits. My game plan:

Family Movie Night

We’re all home and we can schedule an early nap time if necessary which means we can start a movie at exactly 5pm and skate through the worst of the Toddler Hour until they get hungry. I make a bigger dinner than usual because the kids are distracted and I can stand in the kitchen without a miniature body between my legs and the counter pulling on my elbows. {Which is obviously one of my absolute favorite things in the entire world}

I did it!

Another week through! Phew, this parenting gig is hard from 5pm to 6:30pm!

Is your Toddler Hour in the evening too?

After nap time? Or are your Toddlers more favorable of the morning for their Special Hour? How do you handle the mini struggles of Mom Life and create your Game Plans for survival? I would love to know.

You can never have too many Game Plans for Motherhood. {Advice, yes, you can receive too much advice} But I love to see how other moms are winning their days.

In fact, this post just so happens to be a part of a Blog Hop with other Mommy Bloggers from Blogs and Business:Moms Who Do it All Facebook Group who are sharing their Mom Life Game Plans! You might find an awesome story or two:

Hi There! I’m Kandice
Wife, WAHM and mother to 2 Hooligan boys making the most out of my Sweet & Sticky {not sure who is who yet… they change daily}
Life is what you make it and when you accept your Sweet & Sticky you can regain control of your chaotic #MomLife.
Before Motherhood I was never late, preached efficiency and even color coded my closet. Life changes after 2 Toddlers {obviously} so now I’m building new Small Systems, Organizing Mom Routines and Charting Schedules that keep our Team productive.
Join me for Toddler School with Cash & Wyatt
Follow along as I solve Mini Mom Life Problems
Keep up on my Mommy Money Online Income Goals!
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My Top Handmade Etsy Round Up {Baby Products}

My Favorite Handmade Etsy Products for Toddlers. Toddler Gift Guide on Etsy. Etsy Shopping. What to buy toddlers. Handmade Toddler GiftsYou all know I’m an Etsy seller. I have TWO shops. But I am also an avid Etsy BUYER as well. I feel as though, if you’re going to sell from and promote handmade, small businesses you have to support them too right? I buy a variety of fun vintage and handmade items all year but this post is focusing on my favorite Baby and Toddler purchases. I’m a mom, who does mom things. I can often be seen leaving the house with my kids, potty training, struggling at bedtime and soothing cranky teething. Most importantly, of course I’m often spoiling my precious little boys.

This post is about the items that have made my recent Mom Life more efficient or even fun. I bet they’ll help you too! None of these companies are paying me to write this post featuring them. I actually ordered and paid for all of these items on my own purely because I saw them along the way. There are items I bought that did not make this list too. Even if they had sent them to me for a review or gift, you’re always getting my honest opinion and genuine review of a product. These hand making Etsy folks though, they don’t even know I writing this… but when they find out I love their stuff… hey? Why not? I’d love to review more stuff!

My favorite Etsy Finds for Toddlers

Reusable Snack Bags– You may have caught on that I’m sort of a green mom, I run a eco-enthusiastic event company, yaddah, yaddah. Well I love these little guys because you can take them in the car, and in the car seat, little dude can eat crackers without ripping up a plastic bag! Bonus, you don’t have to worry about him choking on any little plastic pieces as he eats crackers THROUGH the bag. I’m talking about my 2-Year Old… because he thinks it’s funny, not because he can’t handle
plucking crackers out of a bag. He totally can. These travel nicely, wash nicely and you’re not tossing a bunch of plastic into the garbage. These are one of my favorite Etsy purchases of all time and I’ve been using the same 3 for almost 2 years now. High quality. Available at Stitch Duchess on Etsy

Door Safety Block– Sounds silly right? Well when I had 2 toddlers fascinated with doors this little gem saved the day. No more slamming, No more locking themselves in the bedroom. If the door did shut it was buffered by the padding and it couldn’t latch. Another bonus: When you have a new baby and the toddler is playing in his room, you can just push the door open as your hands are full of baby and you don’t have to reach or fumble for a door knob. This has actually been most useful in the past
year. Available at TripLat Craftique on Etsy

Peg People– These are a pretty adorable novelty. I like them because they are small and can fit in my pocket at the grocery store. These are my super hero behavior saviors in the checkout line. Toddlers “want” everything while you’re sitting there, in a
cart, waiting, right next to all those miniature things. So what is way more cool than chap stick and snack sized Nutella? Super Heroes, that’s what! They can back flip, fly, jump, wrestle and slide down bananas until you’re out of the store and in the parking lot. Plus I don’t have to buy any new toy just to keep him quiet… Thanks very much! Available at Monty and Peggie on Etsy

Teething Jewelry– I’ve shared these before in my Toddler Stocking Stuffer Post, which should tell you that I truly think them valuable. I have a teething Yearling who uses it instead of my face and hair to pull on when I’m wearing him. I have an anxious toddler who sucks his thumb and insists that I hold him a lot. I often put the necklace on him so he has total control {which allows him to sit on his own} at basketball games, in large crowds and sometimes in grocery stores. He will chew on it or even just roll the beads instead of suck his thumb. Think of it as a fashion friendly security blanket… and maybe I’ll avoid braces? Available at Nommies by Mommy on Etsy

Wooden Teether– This one is for the Yearling. Last year, we had issues with Yearlings chewing on hard cover books and alpha blocks. Low and behold… they liked to chew on wood. Of, course all of the soft toys were not appetizing… they wanted a gnawing surface.
Stumped on how to stop them from chewing the book corners off, I took to Etsy. I discovered that I am not the only one raising termites! Wood happens to be a common baby teething material. I particularly liked these ones for their shape and smooth texture. Many are the shape of a Twinkie {imagine that for a second} and my probably was the books, so I needed a flat edge that would fit in their tiny mouths. Problem solved. Available at Lulu and Ira on Etsy

Bedtime Bigfoot– This is a recent discovery as they just started their handmade adventure. I was drawn to the Bedtime critters mainly because they are part blanket. They are a small
friend with a  face to talk to, but a super soft flat body to snuggle. Why is that better than a stuffed animal? They fold up and fit in a diaper bag and car seat. In fact, Bigfoot nearly serves as a pillow AND blanket over Wyatt in his car seat. Cash also needs friends to help him sleep. He’s afraid of the dark… but according to the sweet little story that Bedtime Bigfoot comes with, Bigfoot is strong and brave. Available at Spoon and Moon on Etsy

Clip-On Bowties– Now these are a totally superfluous, adorable, accessories, but yet SO necessary for boys! If I follow one more headband or tutu maker on Instagram {you know what I mean} I may explode into glitter… Boys have no accessories, so for the boy mom to compete deck her boys out in excessive awesomeness, bowties are a must. These bowties came in Christmas fabric which was perfect for the never ending Holiday party season. My boys looked smashing and dapper all 25 days of Christmas, and will likely continue to wear them all year as they’re versatile and well made.

Available from Lennon & Co on Etsy

Training Pants– Reusable pull-ups which are super soft, comfortable and reinforced for the later stages of potty training. These are for the step between disposable pull-ups and underwear. Once he’s got #2 down, but can’t always stop playing in time to take care of business… these send him the message that he shouldn’t have waited more than a disposable pull up, but leave less on the floor than underwear. They have an extra built in layer to absorb. We’re still learning to use them and probably only wear them twice a week in the mornings, but we’re progressing daily. Available at Reclaimed Childhood on EtsyUse Coupon Code: SAVEME20 for 20% your order!

…and I can’t leave you without a shamelss plug for my own handmade Etsy store… Cotton N Kandi

Every day I’m on Etsy I come across some ingenious, handmade Mom Life saver.  These are merely my humble favorites for the ages of one year to two years old. I cannot wait to see what I discover this year as we dive into more educational and efficiency building adventures!

I’m sure you’ll catch another Etsy Handmade roundup from me in the future.
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Etsy Baby Product Round Up

Little Acorn Designs 6 pack potty learning boxers made of organic cotton and quilted zorb 2

2 Classic Wooden Baby Teethers

Summer Fruit Snack Bag/Apple Pear Reusable Snack Bag

Bedtime Bigfoot

Turtle polymer clay, turtle wooden egg, Wooden egg child polymer clay pet, my friend and me wooden egg

Custom Two-Tone Silicone Teething Necklace - Women's

Emerald Green Gingham Bow Tie Hair Clip or Clip On Bow Tie: Green/White! Perfect for girls or boys!

Baby Sleeping Door Hanging Sign - 5" x 7" Hand Painted Yellow Canvas Nursery Sign

Hedgehog crochet hat, photo prop

Charlie the Alien, Monster, fleece, green, lime, felt, surprised--Free Shipping! (United States/Canada only)

Baby Shoes / Booties Green Car Soft Soled Leather Baby Booties size 12-18 months

Baby Bib - Aqua Minky with Love Nautical Tattoo Cotton Flannel - Classic Handmade Side Snap Bib

Lime Chevron and Navy Minky Boppy Cover

Guitar Teether

Meadow Bird Crochet Hat - Newborn, Baby, Child's, Photography Prop, Boy, Girl, Birdie, Sparrow, Brown, Grass

Birth Stats Pillow Personalized 16 x 16 Cover, home decor, present, new baby gift, nursery pillow, newborn, photo prop, throw, cushion cover


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Infant Stocking Stuffers {Holiday Shopping Guide}

So Wyatt get’s a stocking this year! This is his first Christmas and he’s nearly a year old {born in January}. He’s actually at a very fun age right now and is often on sensory overload! He is either exploring his senses or eating new foods! Since my whole approach to Stockings is to be practical and promote creativity {See Toddler Stockings & Mom Stockings} here is what the infant will be getting:

Sugar-Free Pudding Mix: The sensory painting activities are endless with this Mom Stock Crafting staple! It is edible, which is essential for this age when EVERYTHING goes straight into their mouths! Check out Wyatt’s most recent Pudding Painting HERE. And as always, keep up with him on Instagram!

Water Cup: Wyatt is just starting to drink other things than just milk. He LOVES his brother’s cups and quickly attacks them whenever Cash sets them down… so it is time for his own!

Replay Dishes: Every day he is trying a new food! Awhile ago he actually started refusing to eat off a spoon and wanted to pick everything up himself. These plates {recycled milk jugs- gush!} are an awesome addition to your kitchen because they’re QUIET! Guess, what, if they aren’t putting it in their mouth, they’re flinging it on the floor! No crashing plastic! Plus they’re divided into 3 convenient sections.

Munchkin Food Taster: Most common item put inside this… ICE CUBES! Your little teether will thank you! You can also better monitor consumption of whole fruits like bananas and more without worrying about choking! They just mush it out when they chew on it. I actually make my homemade baby food in ICE CUBE form, which fits into these nicely so he can eat and teething sooth at the same time.

Yummi Pouches: Another fantastic transition item into solid foods! I love these particularly because they are reusable. Infants can honestly produce a lot of refuse on the food development if you’re not careful. Between the food jars, pouches and formula cans, your garbage can will thank you for the more things you can find that are reusable. So will your wallet. I first bought Yummi Pouches when Cash was a yearling…. And he still loves them! You can get them HERE {I am not an affiliate, I just like

Masking Tape and Plastic Storage Bags: I cannot say it enough how often I use Masking Tape! It’s truly a bit ridiculous and people make fun of me for it. I’ve accepted it… you will too when you’re trying to entertain kids all day! You fill your plastic bags for Sensory Play and then strap it down to the floor. You can secure artwork and just do SO MUCH with it! Trust me! You’ll be glad you have some on hand!

Baby Mum-Mums: These are rice-rusk crackers that come in multiple flavors. They are basically a wafer that dissolves in baby spit. PERFECT for inquisitive infants how are fascinated by chewing. I keep them in my purse and car for shopping trip melt down prevention.

Yogurt Drops: Another insanely genius infant snack {read time stall while you prepare real baby food} These instant dissolving droplets of freeze dried ‘yogurt’ are quite handy when your little dude is melting-down-hungry and you’ve got to get through the checkout line, the basketball game, the Christmas party, whatever you’re trying to make it through, these will help!

Noodles: Every mom of an infant just needs to have a hefty noodle stash on hand for endless Mess Mat Sensory Play! I keep a variety of styles and sizes to give him options. Quick, easy, edible fun for a good solid 25 minutes… what mom wouldn’t want that for their bumkin?

Puff Cereal Bites: Similar to Yogurt Drops, these crafty puffs of delicious goodness can keep a baby occupied for a few minutes while you manage the next transition. {Very helpful and convenient to have on hand} When he gets older you can easily sub these out for other bulk cereals that perhaps don’t dissolve as quickly.

And there you have it! My hungry, creative and sensory overload little {not at all really} guy is getting a lot of food enabling goodies for his Christmas morning Stocking… and he will be delighted!

 **Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for any of the above brands and am not being compensated in any way for promoting them. I just use and like these specific items, honestly, I do!