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Welcome to my NEW Brand line for Baby & Toddler Crochet Apparel!

I have always been a crochet fanatic since I was young. I remember my mom making these amazing afghans with shell patterns and just staring at her work that hook in silence…. To create something so grand and seemingly spectacular with such practiced and patient effort became a great temptation for me. I don’t quite recall when I made my first “something” but it was a scarf, white with pink stripes at the end that I sold at a garage sale and was so thrilled that someone bought it! I was in middle school and my addiction was underway….

…It really took off in college for some reason. I have always been a multi-tasker and I think having something to do while “socializing” gave me something “productive” to do other than just sit around and stare at other college peers, which in my eyes at the times was LESS THAN productive. I guess if you know me very well you probably know that I just have to be “producing production” at all times! I can never be just doing nothing. I watch crime TV (Bones was written for me I’m sure!) because while I’m making a blanket, doing the daily crossword puzzle, making dinner, AND solving a crime, I feel like I didn’t waste an hour just watching TV… guilty pleasure extinguished 😉

Small Batch Manufacturer Registration Number: 026272-082015

Regardless, back to the point…. Now that I have a son my obsession with crochet has taken a new turn… naturally towards baby stuff!

August 2015 marked a new era for my crochet crafting in that we took a business leap. I’ve officially branded, registered with the government, been given my safety number and am ready to dedicate more time and energy to this part of my life.

I picked up a pattern book (I actually can’t read a pattern to save my life!) and just looked at the stitch pictures to start mentally preparing myself for this adventure. I came across a way to make a basic beanie and it just sort of exploded from there. Now I have altered the patterns, added some ears and voila! I have a whole bunch of options/collections that I now sell on Etsy with all profits going straight into my son’s 529 plan for college savings. Please support him (and my addiction) and take a look, or share anything you might like. There are a few baby toys, blankets and of course the classic scarf thrown in the mix too!

Baby Hat Collections…

Bunny Hats– Easter Basket Award Sales Record Set 2014! 

THANK YOU for supporting their COLLEGE FUNDS! All Hat sales directly contribute in their 529 College Savings Plans!
Update: Thanks to Hats, his first birthday Penny Party and of course family, Cash has his FIRST term of college already covered by his second Christmas!!

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