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DIY Snowman Mugs | Holiday Craft

This year we hosted Christmas Breakfast and did a Quiche and Cocoa Buffet. The Cocoa was mostly just meant for the kids, so I wanted to give them something special. I decided to make these quaint little Snowman Mugs for each of them to go along with the Cocoa. I liked the idea because they were cheap, easy and quick to make.

What You NeedDIY Snowman Mugs. Easy Holiday Craft. Kids Cocoa Cup Project. Sharpie Mugs

Step 1: The Paint Pens

I’ve seen a lot of “make your own mug” pins floating around out there, but the major detail many are missing is that the Sharpies actually have to be the Oil based, fine point Paint Pens for this to work. Prime some over from Amazon <HERE>

Once you get them, crack them open and then spend about 5 minutes each pen pumping the tip to get the color flowing

Step 2: Drawing

These Snowman {not my best work} were really easy and only took 3 colors, Black for eyes and coal smiles, pink for rosy cheeks, and of course orange for the carrot nose.

Step 3: Oven Setting

The final piece to this trick is setting the paint so that it doesn’t wash off in the dishwasher… which you cannot do with the regular sharpies so well. Preheat your oven to 300 Degree. Set your mugs on a cookie sheet and let them bake for 30 minutes. Remove them and let them cool.

How to make Snowman Mugs with Sharpie Pens. Holiday Toddler Project

Cute Christmas Breakfast Ideas. Christmas Morning Snowman MugsThen you’re ready to party!

See our full Christmas Breakfast <HERE>

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