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How to Monetize your Blog. Every Blogger Can & Should use this Referral Link to Monetize. Referral Programs. Monetizing your Blog. As a Blogger, we spend our time tirelessly creating new, quality content for our readers. This endless work goes unpaid until the magical time comes when we’ve accumulated enough page views, followers, Klout, etc. so that we can monetize. Monetizing your Blog is the million-dollar topic. When should you do it and how should you do it? Which Affiliates are the best to work with? When can I pitch to Brands? I see these questions every day in my Blogger Groups. However, I’m a strong believer in the Referral Link being a top way to monetize, especially because anyone can at any time!

Monetize now!

My answer is typically, do it now! Why wait? There are companies out there who do not need to know any of your blogging stats or followers to give you their money. In fact, you don’t even need a blog to earn from them! All you need is a place to drop their link, and this link is called a Referral Link, not an Affiliate Link.

A Referral Link

These handy babies are links you can drop all over the internet inviting your friends, family, and followers to join a program you’re a part of, and love. They don’t have to buy anything they just join. There are a bunch of companies out there who offer Referral Programs and pay you to invite people into them. But the best one… are you ready for it?…


That’s right, I know you’ve heard of it. It might be the Internet’s best kept secret. I seriously don’t know why every single blogger isn’t utilizing its Referral Program! They offer $25 per person you invite and then there are sometimes bonuses. Did you know that they will pay you up to $25,000? YES! You read that right again, up to: Twenty-five THOUSAND dollars for inviting people to join.

Every Blogger can and should be using this one link to monetize their blog. Monetize your Blogs with Referral Links. How to Monetize your Blog.

How it works

Ebates is a rebate/cash back, online service that connects to your Chrome bar and provides you with Electronic-Rebates for your online purchases. If you shop online, you can save a ton of money simply by clicking through Ebates first. You do this after joining their program, which is free by the way.

I’m an Ebates Member

As a member myself {which was free to sign up} every time I go shopping online personally at Joann Fabrics, Michaels, Amazon, VistaPrint, and thousands of other retail giants, I click through to their website from Ebates. Then, after I buy through their cart, Ebates “catches it” through their interweb genius {read cookies} and gives me a rebate. I get cash back for just being me and utilizing their system. I then love it so much when my Big Fat Check comes {aka free money} back on purchases I would have made online anyway, that I then tell all my friends about it.

Every Blogger can and should be using Referral Links to monetize their blog. Monetize your Blogs with Referral Links. How to Monetize your Blog.

Seems legit enough already right? I’m saving money all over the internet on my online purchases, which I love, so I want to tell my friends all about it so they can save money too. Technically, they’d get money back on their purchases. I would refer my friends just for that! But no, Ebates is so awesome, they’re going to give me $25 for every person I bring into their awesomeness. So again I ask the question…

Why doesn’t every Blogger use the Ebates Referral Link?

I confess I did not utilize this Referral Link soon enough. I have been an Ebates member since 2012 when I was planning my own wedding. Now that I’ve become a Blogger I’m recently aware of this whole mind-blowingly easy way to monetize my blogs with Referral Links! I wish I had started this much, much sooner, which is why I’m telling you now. Do it, you won’t regret it. All you have to do is tell your followers about a way they can save money online and you earn a referral. You can slip it into your blog posts or even put a widget in your sidebar. Or, you can even send a simple email, {but be cautious about spamming} Sell it well in person first, as it may be weird to get an email randomly from someone you haven’t talked to in awhile, then say, “Hey, I’ll email you my Referral Link.”

Every Blogger can and should be using this one link to monetize their blog. Monetize your Blogs with Referral Links. How to Monetize your Blog.

Seriously? Start now! Here you go, Register for Ebates. Start earning yourself Cash Back on online purchases you’re making already {free money people!} and then Monetize your Blogs so you can get $25 for each referral. And yes, use this link and I’ll get $25 for telling you all about it. But, you’ll get $10 free too for joining! Thank you and you’re welcome! Triple win team! I refer you, you get cash back, you refer to earn = WIN-WIN-WIN.

Ultimate #MomWinning

***This post contains my referral link for Ebates.

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