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Welcome to my online retail corner and creative outlet! As you know, I like to manage, improve and meticulously plan details for my client’s lifestyle events and routines. I am a mom who loves to multi-task and create things. You may not know from this blog that I am also a full-time Wedding Coordinator and Life Event Planner professionally over at my own company, Green-Eyed Girl Productions.

I use my Etsy store to connect with all event planning people (brides, moms, etc) anyone throwing a party of any kind from shower, birthday to of course wedding!

But, I also use the store to fill my need for vintage and antique things {genetic from my mother I’m sure!} My favorite thing to do when I have a spare Sunday hour is go to estate sales, thrift shops and other markets to find beautiful vintage or antique items. That’s my Mommy “Me Time” anyway… you never know if I’ll find the perfect party ingredient!

I have TWO Etsy Stores actually. One for my Event Planning and another for this blog where I sell items pertaining to Mom Life as well as my Cotton N Kandi line of crochet HATS


The Vintage Event                                          Cotton N Kandi

Here is the other big piece you should probably know about me… if you haven’t gathered this already from my blog… I like to help others, especially MOMS improve their lifestyles and accomplish their goals. One of the common goals I see among many of my friends is the desire to build an online money making business…. enter:


I like Teams… and here’s the thing, I sort of suck at being a ‘friend’…. I know, you’re shocked! I am a MUCH better teammate! I will never come over, sit on your couch and watch The Bachelor for hours on end and listen to your problems… sorry, not your girl! BUT, if you have a dream, vision, idea and want to get going on something you’re passionate about {while being a mom} … I’m your teammate!


I have this addiction {I’m not working on it} for helping people {women} achieve their goals and be successful, which probably is genetic {thanks mom!} or stems from my High School Coaching Career where I got to guide hundreds of girls through a successful experience.

Any who… now that I’m a mom I’m drawn to other moms, especially ones who impress me with their awesomeness and creativity. I LOVE surrounding myself with people who do things better than me, it motivates and inspires me to work harder!

If you’re a blog follower you know me… If you’re looking into our Mommy Made Boutique for the first time let me tell you a bit about my TEAM:

I own and run my own businesses {mentioned above} so for years DIY has sort of my entire lifestyle, and very successfully so. Through my own endeavors, and all the exciting things they bring my way, I suppose you could say that my  TRUE profession is actually Full Time Crafter! When I became a Mommy in 2013 I closed up my shops and brought the businesses home with me. I then turned crafting into a much larger Mommy Money earning gig. I make the crochet hats to fund my Boys’ College Savings Accounts.

The best part of it all is that I’ve ran into some pretty awesome moms who are hand-making other awesome things as a way to support their families too! So naturally, I created a TEAM.

We’re baby Mommies making baby things! The core group of us went on to do our first joint Mommy Made craft show together this fall and it was a lot of fun and a HUGE success! {just registered for next year’s today!}

Here is how it went for 2015:
Moms get Crafty- Holiday Show 2015 Preview

Mommy Made

There are 3 core Etsy Shops that make up our traveling band. If you saw us at a show you can shop us from here: Meet the Team

The Pink Pinecone Studio: The endlessly talented Sara of The Pink Pinecone Studio. Find her on Facebook and of course on Instagram. She’ll be contributing her amazing handmade blankets, bibs, wipes cases, burp cloths, rulers and much more!

Millie’s Frillies: Jenny, whose crochet skill far surpasses mine is contributing her creative designs and clever woodland animal hats! Find her on Facebook and Instagram too! She’ll be contributing her crochet hats, including the ever so popular reindeer and woodland critters as well as bibs, teddy bears, head bands and more!

Cotton N Kandi: Oh yes, I’m here too! I’ve recently opened up another Etsy store JUST for the crochet. You can follow along on the Facebook page and of course on Instagram!

I have met and know a few other awesomely talented moms who are working hard on either a small scale or a full time crafting scale to support their families. I’ve listed them here and I hope you find something Mommy Made!  Moms support moms after all, you get it 😉

Hair Jazz by Judy– Headbands & Hair Frills!
Spoon & Moon– Cuddly creatures come complete with Nursery Rhymes Stories! Wyatt has one! {Washington/Oregon}
Lennon & Co– Handmade bowties and hair bows. You’ll see Cash & Wyatt looking dapper this Holiday Season! {California}
Cappy Clips– Adorable Hair Bows, headbands and accessories {Arizona}
Upcycle Bebe– Repurposed materials into infant & toddler awesomeness {Oregon}
Restless Remedy– Fidget Quilts for busy bodies {Oregon}
If you’ve been on the fence about starting your own store and making it on your own… Do it! You’ve got a teammate here!

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