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Goodbye Creswell {Movin On In Series}

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Wyatt was born on a Friday, came home on Sunday, put our house for sale on Monday, it SOLD by Thursday…

So you probably noticed there are NO blog posts for the month of March. Or February for that matter. As soon as we came home with Wyatt, my entire life was packing and breastfeeding. Cash got the short end most days, but his family members saved him a lot!

Leaving our first little home in Creswell was very emotional for me. This was the home I brought my babies back to. The concrete I put my puppy’s paw print into and 8 years of memories. Projects my husband did and my elaborately planned landscaping that always had something blooming all year {including all my red/white/blue flower in the month of July} were the least difficult to say goodbye to…

The packing began and we actually spent our last night, Wyatt’s exact 2 month birthday, 3/23/15 on the floor. Then it was off to our new home, 1 hour away from everything we had ever known about home…

We were leaving our perfect little picket fence that so comfortably kept Bogey {our dog} enclosed for a bigger piece of property. So among the many new home projects on our list our top priority was giving Bogey a place to live!

Billy built his kennel in 3 days and has been improving it ever since. But Cash, who was used to having Bogey right outside the glass sliding door, had to adjust to taking field trips to give Bogey cookies….

He’s quite the little salesman too… Elbow deep in the cookie jar telling me, “for Bogey mom!” But then he did walk me out there to show me. Cookies in tow.

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