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Green Machine {baby food recipe}

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This recipe comes to you in the Part 2 series of The Homemade Baby Food Adventure. Part 2 is all about the recipes and what goes into blender (so you know exactly what baby is eating and Part 1 is all about the cost benefit/breakdown for buying organic baby food versus buying it. See Part 1 HERE

All purees featured are my own combinations, really not that excited or creative, but still good to know if you’re just starting out. Others are quite elaborate and full of flavor. If I picked up a great recipe from one of my fellow mom bloggers I’ll credit them and send you to their blog for even more yummy goodness!

Each portioned recipe below should fill 2 ice cube trays (.5 ounce per cube) or 1 tray and 2 Yummi Pouches for my toddler. You can find them HERE on page 4 of my Amazon Store 🙂

Take what you can from my experiences and maybe even doctor your own creation. Remember that all babies are different and some may be a bust. All purees can be thickened to preference using rice cereal mixed in after being thawed.

Green Machine Puree
3 cups sweet peas
1 whole pear
2 fist fulls of leafy greens Kale|Spinach
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 apple juice

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