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Holiday Christmas Card Ornaments {A Clean Up Craft}

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Putting Christmas back up in the attic is always a little bit bitter-sweet. It gets worse once you start having babies to share in its splendor…. But I have always been a bit of an emotional person for strange things… I consider myself a “heavy” sentimentalist… my husband has other terms for it…. Like “hanger on-to-er of garbage.”

This post comes to you POST Christmas and YES is in fact a holiday craft idea…So hopefully by now you’ve attacked the post Christmas clean up brigade…. Taken out your trees, untangled your tinsel and carefully bubble wrapped back up all your precious keepsakes. Then there is that beautiful pile of sparkly, well thought out and written, sentimental and even humorous Christmas Cards that you just can’t decide what to do with…. I just can’t look at a pile of glittering memories that I know people put extra time and love into sending us, knowing too how much effort I put into my Christmas Cards and letter, and simply recycle them like they’re a waste of space! They have pictures of loved ones,
stories of their years, expressions of love for US as a family… What is a girl
to do when faced with the decision to either trash or treasure?…. Obviously,
I turn them into a craft project!

What to do with all those Christmas Cards?

Now honestly I have not always done this… it all happened when I became a mom and Christmas cards started having signatures that included “babies first Christmas” “we hope Cash enjoys Christmas” “Your best little present this year” etc and all these sentiments around our baby made we want to immortalize the year. I even put a limb of Cash’s first Christmas tree in a shadow box! SO 2013, Cash’s first Christmas is our first family ornament for this style of project… But now you know how they came to exist!

How To: Christmas Card Ornaments {A Clean Up Craft}

I start with one of those large plastic ornaments. I then use my Cricut machine (mom must!) to cut out ¾” white vinyl numbers on the special Cricut transfer vinyl. Using the transfer kit tools I carefully position the year’s date on the ornament

Choosing the cards: I don’t use ALL of every card… no way that would fit in this little orb. Instead I start by sorting them by family and friends. Obviously I want a little bit of all the family in each ornament. I then either choose the part of the card that I like best: Either the front which is ornate and sparkly, or the message they wrote and signed. Sometimes both, like for grandparents… I don’t actually shred up the picture cards, I do keep them in a box for an undetermined amount of years to review kids growing up, etc. Of the “winning” cards I then cut up a piece of them, like a 4” x 4” square, or less and feed everything through the paper shredder. I then take a piece of card stock and roll it up into a funnel

With everyone represented in my Christmas Card Confetti Creation I fill the ornament until it is comfortably full of love and precious sentiment. Put the hanging wire back on and pack it up for its debut the following year!

That is my quick, simple, Christmas CLEAN UP Craft Idea for your New Year! Enjoy!

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