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Homemade Baby Food Recipes | Fruits and Vegetables

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With Wyatt taking over the high chair we are breaking out the Ninja and ice cube tray! Mom gets crazy in the kitchen and all you can hear is chopping, blending and Cash asking, “More smoothie?” That’s right, can’t forget the toddler this round! In my previous post Homemade Baby Food Adventures Part 1, I break down the cost comparison for buying versus making organic baby food. I break it down to the price per ounce based on the groceries I bought….
With the toddler, the math doesn’t exactly add up….
Every blender round gets half in the trays, half  to Cash in his special “Mommy Cup” that looks like mine. (I got him his own since he liked mine so much!) This is a great solution to picky toddler eating too FYI…. he really has NO idea how many dark green leafy vegetables he’s downing with that swirly straw! #MomWinning

So this round of baby food making is going to focus on the deliciousness and some recipes that I would even consider serving at dinner! Some are simple, some are rare, and some are just plain crazy enough to work!

As always, be mindful of allergies and potential risks for your own little one before trying them. Always start in moderation when introducing new food and FOLLOW YOUR PEDIATRICIANS!

I an extremely systematic when I give Wyatt new foods to try, especially fruits since so many could cause irritation. Be wise, new parents, and try small portions at a time! There, that was my disclaimer… here we go with the food!

Fruits & Veggies Series ROUND 1


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