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Homemade Laundry Soap {How-To Recipe}

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One year ago TODAY!

That is the date on the pictures in this post of me making this laundry soap. Our second son, Wyatt was 17 days old and I was preparing to budget for a bigger family. Weeks before I had bought all of my supplies necessary to make this recipe {with a few personal adjustments} that I found on Pinterest from Once Upon a Pinterest.

My recipe is different in that I added in the Downy Scent Crystals and I used Zote FLAKES, which made it so I didn’t have to shred!

The point of this post and all the enthusiasm behind is that I’ve used the SAME batch for OVER a YEAR! We still have some left!

The picture to the right here, with the post title was taken yesterday. That is how much we have left after one year, 4 people, {Me, 2 kids and a hard working husband}

All for under $15

What you need 
Large Box of Borax
1 Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
1 Tub of Oxi-Clean {most expensive ingredient}
1 Box of Zote Flakes {so you don’t have to shred}
1 Large bottle of Downy Scent Crystals
1 Medium bottle of Downy Scent Crystals {complimentary scent}
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That’s it! You can even leave out the Scent Crystals for a more affordable batch. The Zote honestly smells good enough.

Pour everything into a large tub and mix {This was the most difficult part for me} 
I used a thick, sturdy wooden spoon with a flat edge

Leave in your Oxi-Clean Scoop

We only use ONE scoop per load and our clothes come out looking and smelling great!
There won’t be any suds when you watch your washer work because we’ve eliminated all of the fluff you pay for in the store-bought brands. We’ve got only the pure working goods.

My boys have no allergies and no sensitive skin, so we’ve been able to use this on baby clothes too. You may want to do a test run on something small. Some people are sensitive to the Borax I think.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve bought other detergents too throughout the year…
I have my special jug of super smelling, soft liquid detergent that I only use on towels and mom clothes. Hey, I do the laundry, so I sneak in my little splurges and spoilers where I can!

These are the other 2 Laundry things I buy. Only 3 Purex per year for Me and Towels. Maybe 2 Dreft per year for diaper spot treating. 

We DO use this mixture on my husband’s dirty work clothes though and it works like a champ! Some loads {bigger} require a second scoop, or at least I toss one in for good measure.

I also use this mixture to wash our reusable diapers. We’ve been successful with no baby skin reactions. I DO spot treat my diapers though with a spray bottle of Dreft before tossing them in.

Have fun making your own personal mixture and let me know if you have any questions!

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