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How to get it all done. Mom Organizing Strategies, Schedule Managing, Pomodoro Method, Block Schedule Systems, Building a Schedule. How to increase your Productivity at homeOne of the absolute most frequent things I hear people say is, “I don’t know how you get it all done.” Or, “How do you have time for all that?” The answer is, I created a Block Schedule System that makes me productive all day long. I actually have a System intricately implemented throughout my whole house which builds successful moments into my Schedule. When you build in enough moments, you can then organize them into Blocks. Therefore,

In Blocks, I can be 100% productive.

When it comes to Mom Life Organizing there is no need to keep it a secret, I’ll share. All moms deserve to have this #MomWinning strategy in their lives because it really does increase efficiency and production a ridiculous amount!

Here is my System

Do you remember way back when to middle school when we had those awesome A Day and B-Day schedules? Different classes, or grouped hours of isolated focus, on a specific topic with its own goals and assignments. At the end of a Block, you leave your focus on that topic at the door and transition entirely, mentally and physically to your next scheduled time. You know you’ll be able to pick up whatever you left behind the next time you enter that block of time, whether it be in a few hours or the next week. It will be there, the project, the task, the assignment, organized where you left it.

Well, I really liked that system and it sort of stuck.

My freshman year of college was my first real solo attempt to structure my day with trying to balance in volleyball, work study jobs, tutoring lessons and of course, classes. My Sophomore year of college I stumbled across this technique and realized it wasn’t just crazy little ole me….

Others have been doing this since the 1980’s and after a bit more development of my system, I too started using a timer to manage my adapted Pomodoro method with Blocked Time Schedules.

How I organize my time.

I structure everything into isolated groups of time where I focus on identified tasks. My next little blogging unit will be about explaining my schedules, block systems, home command centers and overall life organizing systems in an attempt to answer the frequently asked questions above. I’m not a superhero, and no I don’t have a stunt double {though I did like that compliment!} I just articulate every minute of my day with purpose, direction and methods by which to facilitate production efficiently.

First Step

First, you must identify your Blocks and what you spend the most time doing. You must then display them so that they are always in sight to reference. Make them aesthetic so you like looking at them. They need to inspire you and motivate you, not intimidate you. I also make mine function as dry-erase by putting them in frames that can easily pop out and transition the paper inside when lists are finished.

My Blocks are:

Toddler School Block– Planning lesson plans, Organizing Unit Themes, Tracking Progress in their Supervisor Binders
Blogging Block– What I’m doing RIGHT NOW as I type this
Coordination Block– Where I focus on my Green-Eyed Girl Clients
Home Block– Cleaning, Fixing, Painting, Repairs, Organizing, Cupboards, etc
Internet Block– Daily…. Promotions, Interactions and Business Marketing
Mommy Block– Synonymous with WIFE Block, Coupons, Family Goals and Planning
Production Block– Making things for Cotton N Kandi or TheVintage Event
Red Tape Block– Paying bills, Organizing Taxes, Phone Calls, Scheduling Appointments
Research Block– Anything that needs to be learned, How –to, etc. Lately it’s been Potty Training!
Retail Block– Collecting, Cleaning, Tagging, Marketing my retail items for Cotton N Kandi or The Vintage Event and Green-Eyed Girl Productions.


I then have several lists that filter into each  Block:

Grocery List– It consists of our family staples and I use it like a dry-erase board. When something runs out I check the box on the list. Before I go shopping I run the list through the refrigerator, pantry, and cupboards and check off everything we need. I then take a picture of it with my phone and go off to the store. Grocery Shopping is a part of my Mommy Block.

Family To Do List- This is a constantly updated list of completely random things that pop into our heads as we go about our daily lives. I see that I need to someday wash the bath tub mat, which is not in the normal routine… goes on the list. I need to make Wyatt’s Card Collage to match the one I made for his brother… it goes on the list. As things are accomplished off of my Block lists, I fill these items in. One fills into Home Block, another into Mommy Block and so on. Items and tasks on this list may end up in any best fitting Block eventually as if they are in a queue to be sorted when it’s their turn. This way eventually, everything will get done.

Family Goals- Here we itemize out our 1 Year, 2 Year, 5 Year and 7 Year Family Goals. I like to display them all year so that we know what we’re saving money for, or if an opportunity arises we can maybe accomplish something early!

Blogging Ideas– Pretty self-explanatory… I think of a blogging topic, write it here before I forget and work it in the queue for content posts. If I gather enough like minded ideas I can group them together in a unit {like this one. Ta-da!}


Second Step

The next step in this System is to structure your entire day… yep, every minute. There is never one minute in my day where I am not being productive, and I love that. I always have and always will. That is me, and honestly it just may not be you and that’s okay. I know not everyone is as ambitious about their production and staying busy as I am… so this post might not be for you!

But if you are wanting to get a lot more done, or if you feel like you’re “spinning plates” and perhaps gathered a few too many, this may be the answer to your problems. If you too find what others call “down time” like tailgating or camping totally agonizing you’re probably on my team….{college, where the expectation is to sit around staring at each other under the guise of being ‘social’ was a rough time in my life, enter the crochet habit! Instant multi-tasking production coping mechanism!} In a later post, I’ll break down how I build my schedule around Cash and Wyatt including their naps and Toddler School. Even Dad get’s his own blocks with the boys where he can focus on his monthly lesson goals like catching a ball, riding a bike, learning to swim, bath time and all other great things dads like to do!

I’ve set up a mini blog unit explaining where everything fits in…

Let’s take a Tour:

Building Toddler Schedules– How the Blocks structure their day and YOURS efficiently
The BLOCK Wall Organizing– See how I set up my home office to facilitate production
The Mommy Block– A breakdown of this Time Block

Coming Soon…break downs of each Block:

The Toddler School Block– Planning lesson plans, Organizing Unit Themes, Tracking Progress in their Supervisor Binders
The Blogging Block– What I’m doing RIGHT NOW as I type this
The Coordination Block– Where I focus on my Green-Eyed Girl Clients
The Home Block– Cleaning, Fixing, Painting, Repairs, Organizing Cupboards, etc
The Internet Block– Daily…. Promotions, Interactions and Business Marketing
The Production Block– Making things for Cotton N Kandi or TheVintage Event
The Red Tape Block– Paying bills, Organizing Taxes, Phone Calls, Scheduling Appointments
The Research Block– Anything that needs to be learned, How –to, etc. Lately it’s been Potty Training!

The Retail Block– When I find time for my Etsy Store and Vintage Vendor Adventures

Would you like to keep up on the series?


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