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How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps with WordPress and Siteground. How to start your blogging adventure. Mom BloggingIn the last month, I cannot count how many times someone has asked me How to Start a Blog. I’m honored that they think of me as some sort of “Internet Ninja,” but I’m really just your ordinary Mom Blogger. Blogging has easily become one of my most awesome experiences. As a Mom Blogger, I find an outlet for creativity, sharing all my #MomWinning moments and most of all, I am part of an amazing community of other like-minded Moms out there working our #Mombiz dreams. It actually could not be easier to start a blog! It only takes 5 Steps:

How to Start a Blog | 5 Steps

This post will walk you through 5 Easy Steps for starting a Self Hosted WordPress Website through Siteground. Follow my PINK —–> throughout my images to help you navigate. I’ve included my Siteground Referral Link, which you’ll get too, for recommending you to Siteground. {another Blogging perk} The internet is chalk-full of ways to monetize… dropping links like this is just the beginning. You’ll learn all of that eventually. You’re helping me by letting me help you!

Step 1: Hosting

Your blog needs a place to “live” which is called hosting. Head on over to SiteGround and select a hosting plan. If you’re just starting your blog, go with the most basic plan, StartUp. You can always upgrade your plan later as you grow. Below is the screen you’ll see. Click on [SEE PLANS]

Step 2: Select a Hosting Plan

As mentioned, if you’re just diving into Blogging, go with the StartUp Plan. It covers one domain name. I eventually migrated all of my websites {4} over to Siteground last year so I am on the GrowBig Plan with multiple Domains. Choose whichever is best for you and Click [GET STARTED]

How to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog with Siteground

Step 3: Buying a Domain Name

If you buy hosting with SiteGround, a domain is included for free. Hooray! This next screen is a big deal. Make sure you check the box for [Get a new hosting account] if you are just starting. As well as be sure to check the box [Register a New Domain] and then type in the blog domain you would like. They will let you know if it is still available.

{Scroll Down}

Select the duration of your hosting plan for either 12 Months to 36 Month. Sometimes this screen will show discounts for buying more months and they often have specials running! I’ll try to promote those when I know about them. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good ones! Select all of the proper Hosting Services and then check boxes for all of your Extra Services.

Select all of the proper Hosting Services and then check boxes for all of your Extra Services.

MAKE SURE you check the box for [Domain Registration] to get it for FREE from Siteground!

I did not purchase the other two extra services, but you may want to, your choice. You can see that the 12 Month total for the Blog Hosting is only $47.40 for the YEAR! That’s amazing for a monetized blog, truly. It really makes a difference to get that free domain name!

So long as you have read and understood all of the Terms & Conditions, you can Click [PAY NOW]


Step 4: Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress with SiteGround could not be easier. They will actually do it for you for free! After you sign up for your hosting, log in to your account and select the [Support] tabScroll down until you see WordPress Assistance and click.


Step 5: Choosing & Installing a WordPress Theme.

WordPress offers hundreds of Free Themes you can choose from to start a blog. To install your WordPress theme, go to Appearance > Themes and click [Add New] You can scroll through the trending themes or even narrow a search to your favorite colors. When you find the one you want, click [Upload Theme] Now hover over your newly-installed theme and click [Activate]


You did it! Now you’re a Blogger!

Hooray! Now you’ve got your very own piece of the internet to write your story. Good luck on writing your first post!

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