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Learning the color RED {Sensory Play Jello}

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So the boys got to play with Jello on the Mess Mat. We’re working on Rainbows, and Colors, and of
course, it’s February so the color spectrum fits. They have actually never played with Jello before, lots of pudding in the past but this will be a first! I’m not really sure what I’m expecting to get out of it either… I just think it will be fun and give us some good RED discussions maybe? We’ll see..

I didn’t have this one out for them when they woke up. Instead I made sure they were both in disposable diapers, and minus as many clothes as possible to turn red. I also added some sprinkles for fun As they eagerly await my presentation on the Mess Mat, they’re not really sure where to start. But like every other morning, I suppose they just know to dig their hands in!

And we’re off! Cash breaks the ice with the first poke. Wyatt, not too sure, follows Big Brother’s lead…

Look at this kid’s face! He loves it!

Wyatt’s astonishment when he sees Cash got some on him is classic and precious!

I’m sure somewhere in here I talked about the color Red… And Cash definitely described it to me as cold and squashy. So we’ve done something educational right? 

We did get very slippery, so please do be careful. Despite our lacking educational gains I am confident when I say that the boys enjoyed playing. This might have been Wyatt’s favorite Mess Mat yet! Cash still asks to play in the Rainbow Rice, which was clearly his favorite! 

Even though these are a bit blurry they’re still my favorite. Look at how much Wyatt LOVES this! His giggles and squeals will forever be a cherished memory for me. 

Join us on The Mess Mat Monday Mornings at 10am {ish} For more fun, messy, sticky and sweet lessons like this, Subscribe to the blog below. Thank you for stopping by to play with us!

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