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What an exciting few weeks this has been! Not only am I deep into
the wedding planning season for 2016, but Sunday morning I was completely overwhelmed
with excitement to have opened up a message nominating my little blog for a
Liebster Award!  I was nominated by fellow
blogger Robin M from, over at Enchanted Excurse. This is the first blogging award I’ve ever been nominated for
and I would be very honored to get it, though I am sure the competition is
What on earth is a Liebster Award? It is awarded to those who have
fewer than 200 followers. It is a recognition award of sorts from your blogging
peers as to say, “Keep up the good work! You’re up and coming in the blogging world.”
It is also a fun way for bloggers to get to know each other and share in each
other’s work and passions as well as generate some great awareness of the small
bloggers in the world {me}. I consider it a pat on the back for just being
nominated, since I am NO professional blogger! But yet, someone noticed me!
The Rules for the Nominees are: 
1. List 11
facts about yourself
2. Answer
the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you 
3. Nominate
a few more bloggers 
11 facts about me, which are actually tough to write… I’ve spent
so much time in the High School circle with Secret Sister Questionnaires I feel
like everyone must know EVERYTHING about me already! So I’m digging deep here!
I am
pretty much a big fan of the TV show ‘Bones’… If I could be a fictional
character, it would totally be Temperance Brennan. We’re basically already the
same person… minus the genius level intelligence… which leaves the blunt,
social skill impediment… see, the exact same person already….
I believe
there should be harsher punishments for folks who don’t take their yard sale
signs AFTER their sale… or never put the date on the sign… beyond obnoxious to
drive out there a weekend late!
I dream
of a world where the recycle bin is picked up EVERY week and the garbage bin is
picked up only every other week.
Once upon
a time ago I had a career path into Pediatric Oncology… but I couldn’t make it
through college O-Chem while playing a college sport {Wa-Wa} So I dedicate
myself to charity work to compensate for my scholastic failures J
favorite food is actually rice… PF Changs rice, Yumm Bowls, etc. Rice is good
stuff no matter what you mix in it.
recently removed the Kelso Kitchen Tab off of my blog because it turns out… I
don’t have time to actually cook anything, and it NEVER grew content posts
I am
completely annoyed beyond explanation by the improper usage of the words your,
and you’re… irrationally so. Though I know I use commas incorrectly ALL THE TIME
which totally annoys my sister {who is the genius}
I vow to
never make my children endure the same childhood tortures as I did: having to
eat meatloaf or drink cherry cough syrup… you’re welcome… but I’ll probably
find other ways to torment you.
absolutely hate watching football on TV… there, I said it.
I can’t
read a crochet pattern to save my life.
finally, I refuse to apologize for loving to work and keep a professional
career alive despite having babies. I can do both. And yes, sometimes I do LOVE
to leave the house to go to work, which doesn’t mean I don’t love being a mom.
My nominator then asks me to answer 11 of her questions:
1. Why did you start
I transitioned my blog into a ‘mom’ blog so that I would have a
voice. At the time I was pregnant II had a bustling office with employees I got
to manage, retail vendors I got to coordinate, brides coming in and out like a
rotating door and then I was also coaching at Sheldon still. Then, after one
day 12/31/12, it was ALL gone at once. I resigned from Sheldon and walked my
office keys over to the land lord, never to see my office again. In one day I
went from having HUNDREDS of people listening to every single word I said,
reading every email I wrote and then DOING it promptly with uncanny loyalty and
discipline. All gone. Now I argue with the Kelso Inc.  CEO & CFO {and loose daily} about poop…. I
need someone to listen to me.
2. Is it hard finding time
Extremely. I have two baby boys and am constantly hearing, “Momma
no work!” from them.  
3. How do you go about
making the decisions of what to blog?
I have lists that I run like queue lines onto a dry erase matrix…
I know, it’s complicated. I publish 9 new posts a week and 3 separate
newsletters. I mostly have to organize my wedding blog as I coordinate with my
clients through it.
4. Where do you see
yourself and your blog in 5 Years? 
Oh man, that’s tough. I plan to reopen the Green-Eyed Girl doors
again when the boys start school. Bigger and better, wedding coordinators for
all of the Willamette Valley. I’ll likely still be blogging, but in my office,
not during nap time.
5. What are three goals you
plan on completing in your lifetime? 
1) Happy, Healthy and Polite Children. I don’t even need them to
be smart. I just need them to treat others well and to make friends with work
ethic and altruism. 2) To support my husband and build the life we’ve planned.
3) To be a financial contributor to my household, even if it’s pennies.
6. Do you read any books?
If so name some of your favorite books. 
Nope. The last book I read was Harry Potter, on my honeymoon in
7. What is the most
challenging thing in blogging for you? 
Time. I still run my business from home, but that revolving door
of adults to interact with no longer exists. I have to hunt them down on social
media and drag them to my blog by endlessly promoting it. It is exhausting to
get people to read what you’re writing so that your voice is even heard.
8. What is your favorite
blog post? 
Packing your hospital bag. I wrote a little bit about my birth experience
with Cash and then how to prepare for the next baby {Wyatt} The post has gone
viral and I have even had close friends tell me they’ve read it and it HELPED
them! Hooray! I made positive changes in a person’s life again! Knowing that is
my ultimate reward for blogging.
9. What is your favorite
social media site you use for sharing your blog posts? 
Definitely Pinterest. That is where most of my posts have gone
viral with repining thousands of times. I’m continually getting better at
Facebook and I really suck at Twitter.
10. If you could live in
any era, what era? and why? 
Hmm. Not sure. Definitely NOT the Wild West but the 1920’s seem
livable. I’m not really one to look back.
11. What advice would you
give bloggers?
 Schedule blogging into your life. It is a JOB and you best
really like it or need it as a part of your lifestyle or people won’t buy what
you’re selling {read what you’re writing}. It should become a part of you and a
part of your daily routine. If it becomes overwhelming or not fun and feels
forced, just stop or take a break. That isn’t what it’s about.  The voice
you gain should be a happy and positive one.
Thank you very much to Robin M for the nomination. You have no
idea what it means to be recognized and my ‘voice’ acknowledged by a peer
blogger. I am growing this little baby blog child of mine and so very much
appreciate all of the support that I have received. Just since this nomination
I have gone from 167 followers to 202. {In a week} So thank you!
I now get the privilege to pass along the nomination to a few peer
bloggers that I have noticed. They get to write a post as well:
Listing 11 facts
Answering my questions
Nominate their peers
Write their own questions for their
I am nominating:
Aubrey Vick of Full of Grace & Greens
Angela Fry of The Triplet Farm
And here are my questions for YOU:
Why did
you start blogging
What is
your biggest blogging challenge
What do
you want people to gain from reading your blog
would be your ideal blogging campaign
Who is
your ideal blog reader
Do you
use a system for choosing your blogging content
What is
your favorite blog post
When and
where do you write best?
Do you
have any personal/professional development goals you’ve made as a direct result
of becoming a blogger? For me I’d like to take a writing class to improve my
comma usage… must have missed that the first go’ round in school.
10)   Are you as exhausted as me with blog post
11)   If there was a magic app or widget out there to
make our blogging lifestyle easier, what would it do?

Thank you again Robin for the nomination. I am so very grateful
and excited for the opportunity. Wish me luck and I hope to encourage more
beginning bloggers like myself with this nomination! 

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