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Master Bathroom Remodel | Part 1

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Upon our move in to the Stayton home, we decided to choose the smaller bedroom as the master because it has a bathroom attached. There is a much bigger bathroom which is actually the master, but it isn’t attached to any bedroom, so here we are. This is a great bathroom, just not what I’m used to. First, it is a pedestal sink which means no counter to put stuff on, and second, no counter to put stuff in and under. Everything is exposed and in the open. This is a problem for a mom… especially one with long hair, yaddah yaddah. Then secondly, I’m not a fan of the colors… not relaxing. Blue floor with gold walls. I did the best I could when we moved in to try to tie things together using our old bathroom accessories, but still the feng-shui just bothers me every day. And yes I am grateful that I even have a bathroom. But I want it to feel relaxing… so here I go… these are the before pictures:

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