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Mommy Made 2015 {Top 10 Memories}

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What a whirlwind of a weekend! I know the three of us still
have not yet recovered or even unpacked all of our show supplies! If you’re
just dropping in to the blog I am referring to the Holiday Food & Gift
Festival that our little handcrafting ‘team’ Mommy Made Boutique attended last
weekend. Our 3 businesses teamed up to put on one adorable nursery inspired
booth performance and it was SUCCESSFUL! Read all about our team story HERE.
We really want to thank everyone who came by the booth over
the weekend and gave us such positive support and enthusiasm. We cannot express
enough how grateful we are to hear that our time, talents and energy are
appreciated and admired. It warms our hearts completely. THANK YOU.

#Mommymade2015- Don’t forget! We’re doing a giveaway through
the end of 2015! {I know many people bought Christmas presents} If you take a
picture of your little one wearing or using the products you bought from us,
post it to Instagram and follow our shops you’ll be entered into our GIVEAWAY.

1) Take a photo
with our Product that you purchased at our booth during The Holiday Food & Gift Festival.
2) Post to Instagram with the
3) Follow our pages! The Pink Pinecone
, Cotton N
& Millies

3 chances to win from us!
More details to come!

Let’s talk about some highlights from last weekend including
our Top 10 Memories!
10– The simple hilarity that our precious baby booth was
situated next to the one and only booth with HUGE knives! Very wonderful people
though over there at Tooth & Nail
! Feel free to shop for your precision cutlery HERE.

9– That our first sale occurred before the show even
started, to a fellow vendor! He bought a bumble bee hat to use at his display!
Thank you Ron from Raw Honey Bee Products at T Bee S!

8– FREE Dip! Who doesn’t like samples, but then to be sent home with a whole free tub of deliciousness? I brought home Dill-icious, Veggie
and Italian. Thank you from our 2-booth down neighbors from DJ’s Food & Gifts.
7– Generosity and camaraderie from fellow vendor Randi who
let us borrow her Square scanner, not to mention how she dropped off a whole
sample bag of her AMAZING toffee from Holm Made Toffee Co.
Guess what? They just got picked up by Market of Choice they’re so good!
6– This isn’t exactly an awesome moment but I have to tell
someone since it’s too good to pass over… it’s a little taboo for our baby
booth but nonetheless it’s a good one! When asking a potential customer about
shopping for grandbabies her reply was, “Oh Honey… I’m so far from having
grandbabies I’m starting to pray for even a one-night stand” Referring to her
son, which she then followed up with saying he will need to leave his house and
the video games for that to even happen!
5– The fact that the ever so talented Sara drew this sign
free hand! Which I am exceedingly jealous about… so it makes the top 5 😉
4– All of the adorable pictures popping up under our hashtag
on Instagram!
3– This
story: Two grandmothers who are best friends
were very excited about my {Sara’s} canvas that said “have courage and be
kind”. They just loved our booth so much and even gave me big hugs and a
kiss on the cheek before they walked away with huge smiles on their faces!
Between the two of them they had 14 children and many, many grandchildren. They
LOVED what we were doing and fully appreciated the work and sacrifice we go
through to make it happen as
mothers. Buy your own sign HERE
2– The pure flattery and humbling invitations from many show hosts and
other artisans wanting us to come to their shows. We were invited to showcases
all over from Roseburg to Seattle and told we should be in store fronts or have
our own store. {We do! On Etsy! You can also find The Pink Pinecone in Creswell at Burlap & Lace!} It is truly an honor to receive such
compliments from other artists and vendors. For everyone to compliment our
booth and product means the world and we are all so grateful for the support!
1– And the
number 1 memory from this weekend is obviously the overwhelming love and
appreciation from everyone who came through the booth. Each of us find solace
from our busy mom lives in our crafts and it just takes your breath away to
have someone like it enough to BUY it from you. The work and time that goes
into each project is seriously our passion. Each little purchase we waved a
little good bye to as it went on to its forever home… as if we were proud
mommas once more watching our little creation leave the nest. THANK YOU EVERYONE.
We would not be where we are without you!!
Here are a
few weekend booth images and where you can find some special things if we were
sold out or you want to custom order!
All hats here can be found at Millie’s Frillies Etsy Store
Oregon Duck Hats can be bought HERE and UO Bib HERE

Bibs and Blankets can be custom ordered from The Pink Pinecone Studio on Etsy

Baby Sleeping Signs from The Pink Pinecone Studio on Etsy and vintage nursery items from The Vintage Event. The Pudgy Bird Hats can be ordered HERE

Have Courage SignWipes Cases, Painted Burlap Letters, Cotton Candy Signature Hat

 Be sure to
keep up on all the crafting too!

Cotton N Kandi: Etsy Store, Instagram,
The Pink Pinecone Studio: Etsy Store, Instagram, Facebook
Millie’s Frillies: Etsy Store, Instagram,

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