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My Favorite Amazon Finds for Moms

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Here is where I'll keep links for all of my Favorite Amazon Finds for Moms. The Mom Winning opportunities out there are vast, you just have to look in the right place. These are the best Amazon purchases of the year

Hey Team! If you’re a huge fan of Amazon you’re in the right place. Here is where I’ll keep links for all of my Favorite Amazon Finds for Moms. The Mom Winning opportunities out there are vast, you just have to look in the right place.


Thanks to our current stay-home situation we’re finding new and bigger ways to keep busy. I found some AMAZING products that I love on Amazon this month. My favorites include my new treadmill that FOLDS! I’ve built an entire Staying-Home Amazon list over on my storefront there.

SHOP | Amazon List – Staying Home

Sunny Treadmill

I have been putting off buying a treadmill forever, but it was finally time. This might make my list of ultimate favorite Amazon finds of all time! Full review in progress, but for now I can tell you this:

  • It was incredibly easy to assemble, I did it myself. Billy helped lift it out of the box but I assembled it. It took all of 8 bolts. I then oiled the belt myself too!
  • It has a great safety key you can clip to yourself. The key is magnetic so it won’t break!
  • The base itself has a beautiful bounce to it. One of the main reasons I don’t “run” well outside is because it’s too painful. Thanks to the metal in my knee I need a lot more forgiveness. I could never get above a jog on the pavement. On this beauty, I’m already up to 6 mph which is pretty amazing for me…

Movie Projector & Screen

We finally made the big leap on this project. Since we aren’t having Cash’s big summer birthday party, we decided to set up a movie theater in the yard for a socially distant event viewing. We got lucky and everything worked out on the first try! Here is what we have, reviews coming soon:

Manual Screen

Movie Projector

We plugged the projector into my laptop and it played beautifully. I had a old Ipod speaker I used to use to play processional music when I did wedding rehearsals. It’s 12 years old with a headphone jack. We plugged it into the laptop and though a little grainy, it worked well. I’m still in the market for speakers.

Kids Stuff

We are heavy into Pokemon now! The boys inherited a set of cards from my brother and now we’re playing every day. Although, we needed to learn the rules… so I found this awesome training kit that had a game mat, all the counters, a coin and two competition decks of 30. It walked us through the step by step gameplay and was so easy to follow!

Mom Uniforms

These are my top finds for this month! I can’t believe I kept all of them… They’re super comfortable and low maintenance. Shop my entire Mom Uniform- SUMMER List on Amazon

I’ll be posting more soon! Stay tuned and remember to catch all of #MySweetandSticky on Instagram!


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