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My Top Handmade Etsy Round Up {Baby Products}

My Favorite Handmade Etsy Products for Toddlers. Toddler Gift Guide on Etsy. Etsy Shopping. What to buy toddlers. Handmade Toddler GiftsYou all know I’m an Etsy seller. I have TWO shops. But I am also an avid Etsy BUYER as well. I feel as though, if you’re going to sell from and promote handmade, small businesses you have to support them too right? I buy a variety of fun vintage and handmade items all year but this post is focusing on my favorite Baby and Toddler purchases. I’m a mom, who does mom things. I can often be seen leaving the house with my kids, potty training, struggling at bedtime and soothing cranky teething. Most importantly, of course I’m often spoiling my precious little boys.

This post is about the items that have made my recent Mom Life more efficient or even fun. I bet they’ll help you too! None of these companies are paying me to write this post featuring them. I actually ordered and paid for all of these items on my own purely because I saw them along the way. There are items I bought that did not make this list too. Even if they had sent them to me for a review or gift, you’re always getting my honest opinion and genuine review of a product. These hand making Etsy folks though, they don’t even know I writing this… but when they find out I love their stuff… hey? Why not? I’d love to review more stuff!

My favorite Etsy Finds for Toddlers

Reusable Snack Bags– You may have caught on that I’m sort of a green mom, I run a eco-enthusiastic event company, yaddah, yaddah. Well I love these little guys because you can take them in the car, and in the car seat, little dude can eat crackers without ripping up a plastic bag! Bonus, you don’t have to worry about him choking on any little plastic pieces as he eats crackers THROUGH the bag. I’m talking about my 2-Year Old… because he thinks it’s funny, not because he can’t handle
plucking crackers out of a bag. He totally can. These travel nicely, wash nicely and you’re not tossing a bunch of plastic into the garbage. These are one of my favorite Etsy purchases of all time and I’ve been using the same 3 for almost 2 years now. High quality. Available at Stitch Duchess on Etsy

Door Safety Block– Sounds silly right? Well when I had 2 toddlers fascinated with doors this little gem saved the day. No more slamming, No more locking themselves in the bedroom. If the door did shut it was buffered by the padding and it couldn’t latch. Another bonus: When you have a new baby and the toddler is playing in his room, you can just push the door open as your hands are full of baby and you don’t have to reach or fumble for a door knob. This has actually been most useful in the past
year. Available at TripLat Craftique on Etsy

Peg People– These are a pretty adorable novelty. I like them because they are small and can fit in my pocket at the grocery store. These are my super hero behavior saviors in the checkout line. Toddlers “want” everything while you’re sitting there, in a
cart, waiting, right next to all those miniature things. So what is way more cool than chap stick and snack sized Nutella? Super Heroes, that’s what! They can back flip, fly, jump, wrestle and slide down bananas until you’re out of the store and in the parking lot. Plus I don’t have to buy any new toy just to keep him quiet… Thanks very much! Available at Monty and Peggie on Etsy

Teething Jewelry– I’ve shared these before in my Toddler Stocking Stuffer Post, which should tell you that I truly think them valuable. I have a teething Yearling who uses it instead of my face and hair to pull on when I’m wearing him. I have an anxious toddler who sucks his thumb and insists that I hold him a lot. I often put the necklace on him so he has total control {which allows him to sit on his own} at basketball games, in large crowds and sometimes in grocery stores. He will chew on it or even just roll the beads instead of suck his thumb. Think of it as a fashion friendly security blanket… and maybe I’ll avoid braces? Available at Nommies by Mommy on Etsy

Wooden Teether– This one is for the Yearling. Last year, we had issues with Yearlings chewing on hard cover books and alpha blocks. Low and behold… they liked to chew on wood. Of, course all of the soft toys were not appetizing… they wanted a gnawing surface.
Stumped on how to stop them from chewing the book corners off, I took to Etsy. I discovered that I am not the only one raising termites! Wood happens to be a common baby teething material. I particularly liked these ones for their shape and smooth texture. Many are the shape of a Twinkie {imagine that for a second} and my probably was the books, so I needed a flat edge that would fit in their tiny mouths. Problem solved. Available at Lulu and Ira on Etsy

Bedtime Bigfoot– This is a recent discovery as they just started their handmade adventure. I was drawn to the Bedtime critters mainly because they are part blanket. They are a small
friend with a  face to talk to, but a super soft flat body to snuggle. Why is that better than a stuffed animal? They fold up and fit in a diaper bag and car seat. In fact, Bigfoot nearly serves as a pillow AND blanket over Wyatt in his car seat. Cash also needs friends to help him sleep. He’s afraid of the dark… but according to the sweet little story that Bedtime Bigfoot comes with, Bigfoot is strong and brave. Available at Spoon and Moon on Etsy

Clip-On Bowties– Now these are a totally superfluous, adorable, accessories, but yet SO necessary for boys! If I follow one more headband or tutu maker on Instagram {you know what I mean} I may explode into glitter… Boys have no accessories, so for the boy mom to compete deck her boys out in excessive awesomeness, bowties are a must. These bowties came in Christmas fabric which was perfect for the never ending Holiday party season. My boys looked smashing and dapper all 25 days of Christmas, and will likely continue to wear them all year as they’re versatile and well made.

Available from Lennon & Co on Etsy

Training Pants– Reusable pull-ups which are super soft, comfortable and reinforced for the later stages of potty training. These are for the step between disposable pull-ups and underwear. Once he’s got #2 down, but can’t always stop playing in time to take care of business… these send him the message that he shouldn’t have waited more than a disposable pull up, but leave less on the floor than underwear. They have an extra built in layer to absorb. We’re still learning to use them and probably only wear them twice a week in the mornings, but we’re progressing daily. Available at Reclaimed Childhood on EtsyUse Coupon Code: SAVEME20 for 20% your order!

…and I can’t leave you without a shamelss plug for my own handmade Etsy store… Cotton N Kandi

Every day I’m on Etsy I come across some ingenious, handmade Mom Life saver.  These are merely my humble favorites for the ages of one year to two years old. I cannot wait to see what I discover this year as we dive into more educational and efficiency building adventures!

I’m sure you’ll catch another Etsy Handmade roundup from me in the future.
Want to snag one of these awesome products?
Visit my Feature Etsy Treasury, or visit their individual shops by clicking their links above. Happy Handmade!

Etsy Baby Product Round Up

Little Acorn Designs 6 pack potty learning boxers made of organic cotton and quilted zorb 2

2 Classic Wooden Baby Teethers

Summer Fruit Snack Bag/Apple Pear Reusable Snack Bag

Bedtime Bigfoot

Turtle polymer clay, turtle wooden egg, Wooden egg child polymer clay pet, my friend and me wooden egg

Custom Two-Tone Silicone Teething Necklace - Women's

Emerald Green Gingham Bow Tie Hair Clip or Clip On Bow Tie: Green/White! Perfect for girls or boys!

Baby Sleeping Door Hanging Sign - 5" x 7" Hand Painted Yellow Canvas Nursery Sign

Hedgehog crochet hat, photo prop

Charlie the Alien, Monster, fleece, green, lime, felt, surprised--Free Shipping! (United States/Canada only)

Baby Shoes / Booties Green Car Soft Soled Leather Baby Booties size 12-18 months

Baby Bib - Aqua Minky with Love Nautical Tattoo Cotton Flannel - Classic Handmade Side Snap Bib

Lime Chevron and Navy Minky Boppy Cover

Guitar Teether

Meadow Bird Crochet Hat - Newborn, Baby, Child's, Photography Prop, Boy, Girl, Birdie, Sparrow, Brown, Grass

Birth Stats Pillow Personalized 16 x 16 Cover, home decor, present, new baby gift, nursery pillow, newborn, photo prop, throw, cushion cover


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