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Toddler School Unit {Pirate Month}

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Happy August everyone! This month we’re working with a fun PIRATES theme for Toddler school, and for Wyatt too! I decided on this theme for a few reasons:

  1. Cash found the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD case and started pointing and shouting, “Papa Matt! Papa Matt!” at Johnny Depp… so there’s that
  2. Cash is struggling with a few specific phonemes that are emphasized easily with Pirates
  3. I am doing the CLICK for Babies Campaign this month which is Purple, so it works too!
  4. Cash, being a music lover, was lent a tambourine by our neighbors, so I’m working that in! See it in action at Gigs in the Grass where Cash tries to join the band!

I have set up the lesson plans in SETS. Each set is typically a day’s round of educating, but sometimes we add, exchange, whatever we discover along the way to keep it fun! Sometimes Cash just really isn’t into what I have planned so we move on to something else. You can print off each Set for your own classroom and follow along with us!

Before building the unit I write out what I want Cash to achieve in the following few months. I then create the unit to support such desired gains and goals. This helps to keep us from straying from the ‘point’ of a lesson and to remind me to stay on track. One lesson may have been built for numbers, but turns into a color game and gross motor activity! He’s a Toddler! So if I have these on hand I can quickly redirect MY thinking to cover the color goals I wanted to achieve.

You can edit and print your own Goals & Objectives HERE, using mine for this unit as a template. Our month-long unit will include these key themes:

  • Social Skill: Autonomy
  • Number: 1, 4 & 8
  • Letters: H, R & Y
  • Color: Purple
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Discovery Learning
  • Toddlers in the Kitchen

Lesson Plans

Number Lessons: Purple Octopus {Paper Cutting}
Letter Lessons: Sticker Letters, Letter Matching
PURPLE Fun: Purple Octopus {Paper Cutting}
Fine Motor Lessons: Pirate Jewelry
Mommy Muscles: Stuffed Animal Overboard! Game
Discovery Boxes: Seaweed Noodles {Infant LP}
Toddlers in the Kitchen: Hidden Treasure Bars, Seaweed Pasta, Tropical Chicken Tacos
Art Project: Painting Treasure Chests
Superfluous Fun! Movies, Eye Patch & Pirate Booty


Additional Resources

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