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Poshmark Tips and Tricks | My Top 10

My Top 10 Poshmark Tips: A How-To Guide for Boosting Your Side Hustle as a Poshmark Seller.

Dive into my best practices, tips, and tricks for running your Poshmark Closet like a boss. Whether you're an established Poshmark seller or just starting, this is your go-to resource for growing your business and profits on one of the most popular reselling platforms.
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Let’s talk all things, Poshmark! If you came up to me during a baseball practice and asked if you could “pick my brain” here is where I’m sending you… I’m slowly creeping up on my 5-year anniversary of selling on Poshmark, and I’ve made over $8,000 in that time.

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Poshmark Tips and Tricks | My Top 10

In those 5 years, I’ve learned a lot from trial and error, but also had a lot of guidance from my Mom-Bestie, Sam, who introduced me. Follow her MEGA Closet on Poshmark! I wanted to round up a few tips I’ve picked up for those of you just starting and “pay I forward” a bit. Poshmark is pretty easy to figure out – take a picture, write a description, download a shipping label + put it in the mail. Whether you’re trying to earn a couple of extra bucks, start a “Mom Money” side hustle, or just clean out your closet, there are lots of easy things you can use to improve sales!

ONE // TITLES: Describe your item well

Google drives a LOT of traffic to Poshmark. Google only pulls the title, and not the description. Only Poshmark includes description words. For example Include things like brand name, color, size, and any style detail you know. Don’t say “Marvel Shirt” when you could be saying “Vintage Avengers T-shirt, Marvel Graphic Tee, Red Distressed, Movie Theatre Outfit” You have 50 characters for your title; use them well.

TWO // DESCRIPTIONS: Elaborate in the listing

Restate your title in the description but with synonyms. Synonyms are your friend. Use that first description as a building block. After describing the item again, outline the condition it’s in and any extra details. Then it’s time for tags and keywords. Assume people are shopping for trending themes that your items fit into. I group my tags by month so I can isolate groups to share from a search page. This eliminates me sharing Christmas at Easter and flip-flops in December. Granted people shop all year, but a general trend is perfect to help you sort and promote.

SNAG my keywords on this Poshmark Keyword Tags for Descriptions Blog Post. Just copy/paste mine. I don’t mind at all!

THREE // SHARE: Keep your Closet circulating

Poshmark’s newsfeed is similar to Pinterest. Most recently shared stuff goes to the top of the newsfeed. If you haven’t shared your item in a while, there will be a banner at the top of an item you’re viewing that tells you how long it’s been since you shared it. Try sharing your closet once in the morning and once in the evening and see what kind of traffic that gives you! If you get invited to a party, accept and share in it as well. More on Parties in another Post.

FOUR // PRICES: Everyone loves an Offer!

When you price your items, Poshmark gives you a recommended selling price. I always round up on the highest estimate. This way I make sure I have room to send and accept offers. With Poshmark fees I never list a single item lower than $10.  

FIVE // PICTURES: Need to be good!

Never just take a picture of the front of the item and list it. I always take at least 4 photos – front, brand/size tag, fabric content tag, and back. If there are any details or flaws/wear, take close-up photos of those parts. Beading, embroidery, snags, and pilling all deserve a close-up photo so the buyer knows they’re there before buying. And, pictures of MEASUREMENTS! The first question/comment you’re going to get will be for measurements if they aren’t in the pictures. I use a yardstick IN the pictures for reference. You don’t need to write them in the descriptions.

SIX // OFFERS: Send them to Likers

When someone “likes” your item, you can send them a special discount! Go to the item listing, click on “Price Drop” and select “Offer to Likers.” You’ll have to offer 10% off the lowest listed price plus a shipping discount. The offer stays open for 24 hours after it’s sent. Price to keep offers in mind!

SEVEN // TEAMWORK: Share other closets

Shares are often returned, and the more people sharing your listings the more audiences you can turn into buyers! Find closets with a high share number and a high following. Share their listings to YOUR followers and hopefully, they return the favor. (But not always and that’s okay) This is one of my top-top tips for selling on Poshmark. It puts your listings in front of new audiences and potential buyers.

EIGHT // DISCOUNTS: Offer an automatic seller discount

In your seller tools, you have the option to offer a bundle discount. That means that if a buyer orders 2+ items for your closet, they’ll receive a discount AND they’ll save on shipping! Even more, incentive for someone to buy from your closet.

NINE // BUNDLES: Create a bundle for someone

If you see someone has “liked” a few of your items, you can bundle those items for them and send them an offer. I will offer more than 10% for my bundle discount because my single-item offer is an instant 10%. Refer back to pricing. Always round up or, over-price, to make way for offers.

TEN // CONSISTENCY: Stay relevant

My Closet does the most sales when I’m consistently posting Set a goal for 2-4 listings a day rather than burning yourself out with 20 in one day. That makes my picture-taking knees hurt for you… Poshmark does have an algorithm, which like all is an enigma. Somehow this trick is relevant. (see what I did there) But mostly, Poshmark is a search engine, which is why this one rolls in at the final, Number 10.

There you have it, that’s the conversation we would have had behind the dugout while our kids were waiting on us to stop talking. My Top 10 Poshmark Tips and Tricks in one easy-to-reference place. 😉 Good Luck Mama, and Happy Poshing!


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