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Hello Mamas! Let’s talk about your very own Mom School and all it takes to teach your kids at home. It’s not all coloring books and play-doh, let me tell you. My Boys and I have been doing a Block Schedule Toddler School at-home for 6 years. You might have been following along all through The Mess Mat as the boys grew before our eyes. Well, now they’re heading into Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Toddler School is long gone and we’re evolving into Mom School.


Using my Master’s Degree in Education and experience as a Kinder/Special Ed teacher, I’m going to walk you through a few key pieces of your own Mom School Classroom including:

  1. Prepared Environments – Like The Mess Mat, Literacy Corner & Teaching Table
  2. Complete Learning Experiences – Discovery Learning, Guided & Independent Instruction and Assessment
  3. How to design lesson plans
  4. How to schedule your day in Blocks for high efficient learning inside a Block Schedule System



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What You’re Getting:

1- A Digital Download of 34 PDF pages {no papers will be mailed to you, you’ll have to print them at home}
2- Step by Step instructions on how to design your At-Home Classroom & Block Schedule
3- Example Block Schedule & Lesson Plans
4- Several Blank templates for you to make all on your own

What is a Block Schedule?

The goal of this Workbook is to teach you how to “build” a Block. When I refer to a Block Schedule, I am referring to a technique where one *Blocks* her time into focused work sessions. Typically, Blocks are 1-Hour each, divided into multiple Projects or Processes. A Block can have 4 x 15-Minute Projects, 3 x 20 Minutes each or any combination of Projects inside a Blocked Hour. A Workout Block can have a 10, 20, 15, 15 for example.

The Project Block System

The Project Block System is the strategy by which you organize the time inside your Block as well as which Blocks follow each other throughout your day. Inside of your Block hour, you’ll build a System that is consistent every day, improving your efficiency as you go. It takes time and practice, but eventually, you’ll have your Projects running so Systematically through the Block you won’t even have to look at a clock. You can capitalize on your time, achieve your goals and have time to spare at the end of the day.

The Mom School Block

In another Workbook, for another day, I teach you how to build a complete daily schedule divided into Blocks of time. Each will have its own set of rules, routines, and lists. Your efficiency increases when you learn to focus only on the one Block’s Projects while you’re inside of it. This Workbook is for ONE Specific Block among the many different Blocks you might have. It is called the Mom School Block.

I want you to have a Happy Mom School Experience. I have had so many wonderful mamas ask me for my schedules over the years that I decided it was finally time to make a Workbook for it! Good Luck Ladies!


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