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Pudding Painting {Sensory Play}

Wyatt just turned 10 Months old today! We had our 9 Month well-visit and got the green light to start trying some more foods and that some food groups were now safe to try. One of those new food groups is dairy. Wyatt still can’t drink straight dairy milk at this age but… he can play with it! So, as soon as I could {obviously} I dove into pudding paint opportunities! I LOVE letting the kids get messy and promoting their artistic sides. It is actually a rarity that they can fully dive into the full out mess that painting can make, not to mention the potential clean up and ingesting issues… enter my post: I hope we can solve a few of the common reasons a mom might resist painting…

If you are like me and are always looking for a way to let your littles get messy {artistic} pudding paint is a fantastic way! Unlike tempra paints or water colors you can let your infants use it because:
1) It is edible!
2) It is super cheap!
3) Clean up is easy!
4) You only need 2 things! Mix & Dyes

Here is how I set up Wyatt {and I} for painting success this morning….

Wyatt wakes up at 7:00 am, an hour before his brother, so I am always looking for things to do with him that are quiet, which is actually harder than you might think.


It’s November and I’m getting ready to send out my Christmas Cards {Have you prepared for your Fall Family Photo Shoot yet?} I want the boys to send along their own little notes this year too! I’m also doing this thing I’m calling the Handmade Kelso Christmas, where we’re going to go a ton of crafty nonsense! More on that in a follow up post later. I set this situation up the night before knowing that I would start as soon as Wyatt woke up. Last night I printed out my Christmas Card inserts.

Using Microsoft word I just drafted up a little card and multiplied it 9 times. I then adjusted the printing feature to print ‘9 Sheets’ per page so they were all on one page. I loaded in some white card stock, hit print and Ta-Da!
In the morning, while Wyatt was handling his own bottle I went into the bathroom and turned on the space heater…. It’s 7am on a late November morning… the guy needs to be comfortable in the cold tub to have fun!
I then got out my SUGAR FREE {cheap} Vanilla pudding mix and made it per the directions on the box. I actually use about a 1/4 cup LESS milk just because I like it to be thicker.


While the pudding set up I went into the bathroom and taped down the card stock with masking tape {love my masking tape!}


After about 3 minutes the pudding is thick enough to color: I only take about a tablespoon out and put it into separate bowls and then mix the colors. You really don’t need a lot!
I take everything into the bathroom, baby included, and strip him down… since its cozy in there now. Using spoons I just pre-set some piles of paint on the paper. I don’t give him the bowls.. that would get out of hand quick. The bathtub is a perfect place for him to be right now because honestly I don’t know what’s going to happen!
He’s never done this before so he’s not really sure what he’s supposed to do with this pile of messy that mom has so carelessly left unattended in front of him. So he giggles at it an approaches with caution….
 He’s still not too sure what he’s allowed to do with this stuff, so naturally the first thing he does with something new is…. tastes it! See reason #1 for why I love Pudding Paint!
After tasting this strange new thing that mom has presented he thinks it’s bath time and wants to just play in the tub… he needs some convincing…. so I spread some pudding around to show him….
then he gets it!




 He loves it so much he gives it a kiss!… {or maybe he’s eating it again… we’ll go with kiss}


He’s pretty proud of himself now! And, I’d say he had a fantastic {and safe} time!



 Clean up is incredibly easy. You just peel up the card stock from the tub, lay it in a flat place to dry. Then you wet a rag and wipe the tub down. You don’t even have to scrub! You do though have to scrub the baby, especially his face and hands. Then, remember that you used MILK to make the pudding so it can’t just hang out in the bathroom.
Helpful Tips for Pudding Paint Success:
1) Heat up your bathroom for the naked baby
2) Use SUGAR FREE pudding since they WILL eat it
3) Make it in plastic bowl that come with lids for storage after.
4) Get yourself so masking tape for its ENDLESS uses!
This post is the first of 2. I’ll be posting again the final product and the Christmas Card finale soon!
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