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How To Make Rainbow Rice | Recipe

How to make Rainbow Rice for Sensory Plat. Rainbow Rice Recipe DIY
Today I am teaching everyone how to make Rainbow Rice at home…because you aren’t really a legit #momblogger until you have a Rainbow Rice Recipe on your blog…. Am I right? You know I am…
It is a rite of passage for any woman who wishes to deem herself Pinterest Blogger worthy…
So here we go…
Rainbow Rice is actually very simple {and fun} to make.
All you need is
Rice {cheaper is better}
Zipper Baggies
Food Coloring {we like the Neons in this house}
My proportions are ½ Cup per bag of white, cheap rice.
I used 8-10 drops of each solid, lone color I was using {we’ll
get to color mixing later}
Add your drops.
Seal your bag leaving
in a pillow of air
Rapidly shake and
mix. The faster the better. Go crazy with it, just don’t go breaking the seal!
For this Tye-Dye color
I used this recipe:
To get Orange I
used this recipe:
For my darkest Purple I used
this recipe:
The final “trick” that most people forget before they play
with it is to LET IT DRY! You must unseal all of your bags and let them air dry
for a day or two {so this is a make ahead recipe} or speed it up with a low
hair dryer. If you don’t let them dry you’re going to have little fingers
covered in dye… which they’ll probably love, but you might not.
I also advise spreading them out on a paper towel if you have the room for faster drying time.
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