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Safari Party Supplies | How I threw a Safari Birthday Party

How I threw a Safari Birthday Party with Safari Party Supplies from Dollar Tree and Amazon. Find all of my Safari Party Supplies Resources and tips. 
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If you’re popping over from Cash’s 6th Birthday Party you’re in the right place for Safari Party Supplies. Let’s Get Wild with your Party Animal self and plan a party that runs itself. From the elaborate Trading Post in front of Sloth Sanctuary to the Wild Buffet and Elusive Leopard Torch Game, I’m laying out where everything came from. I utilized a lot of my own Green-Eyed Girl Productions Rental Inventory, which I’m sure you’re used to seeing. But, for this party, I mostly used Dollar Tree and of course Amazon.

Quick shout out to Grammy Tammy for her superior sewing skills! These costumes are from Billy’s childhood where his mom, my MIL, the boys’ grandma, MADE all their costumes. This crocodile costume is from a set that twins used when Billy was in his high school Mr. THS Pageant for Children’s Miracle Network. Billy was The Crocodile Hunter as part of a Pageant skit. The Lion is from a school play, The Wizard of Oz, obviously. These babies were up in our Halloween Costume Storage so I HAD to pull them out in July if only for this exact picture. Now, on to business…

How to throw a Safari Party

The quick answer is: You throw a lot of money at it… I know I’m usually the “Guess how cheap this party was!?” type, but the older they get the more input they have. That means the less multitasking of Safari Party Supplies I get to use. Well, since I couldn’t reuse much from previous parties, you best believe you’ll see these new purchases reappear in the three years worth of parties to pay themselves off 🙂

Building the Party

It is pretty convenient to have an entire Event Styling Inventory Storage Unit at my disposal, not gonna lie. While enjoying my self induced 5-Year Maternity Vacation Leave from the wedding planning world I’ve spent my hours planning birthday parties instead of receptions. All of my supplies and rental equipment has seen more kids in the last 2 years than it did in my previous 7 in the wedding business. #noregrets

From my inventory, you’ll see my Tables & Chairs, Ladders and of course the famous, trademark White Crates. Throughout the year they’re all around my house and we just pull them when it is party time. I originally bought them at JOANN FABRICS, online, and they shipped them all right to me. They’ve more than paid for themselves after 5 years of use!

Safari Party Supplies | Dollar Tree

Throughout the Safari Party Supplies, you’ll see a lot of greenery and ferns. The fake greenery all came from Dollar Tree while the real plants were bought at Fred Meyer during their end of Summer Clearance Sale. We spent a lot of time, coincidentally, on our landscaping this year, so I bought plants around the time of our party and planted them the week after. If you can time it right, Fred Meyer had the best plant sale in July. Then, a lot of the greenery & ferns you see are from Dollar Tree! Even the vines that I used in the Balloon Garland DIY Tutorial Post were bought from there. Order in bulk online and go through Ebates to get your cashback. Same with Joann’s crates above!

Safari Party Supplies | Amazon

Below are the items I found and bought off of Amazon. Each one is connected through to Amazon with my affiliate link. So if you do make a purchase you’re helping me pay off this party one penny at a time! 😉 I will be posting several main Blog Posts for this party soon and will link through to all of them in time.


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