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Santa Savings Christmas Cards {Toddler Craft}

This is the follow up post to Wyatt’s Pudding Painting Post. We got into the bathtub with edible, infant friendly paints and crafted these little cards to add into grandparents’ Christmas Cards as part of our Handmade Kelso Christmas this year. For those of you who were concerned… YES, Cash got to paint too! He, being a veteran painter wasted no time getting messy! 

So now what to do with these dry, hand painted little beauties? Simple! You just cut them up with your paper cutter!


Then drop them in with your Christmas Cards and you’re good to go!  
Here’s my little Santa Savings Bonus…. On the back of some of them {not all} I attached a label with the boys’ 529 College Savings Account numbers and their mailing address… you know, in case Santa wanted to make a deposit 😉 Happy Christmas Card Painting!
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