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Sensory Play Infant Lesson Plans {Noodles}

This post is a shorty but a goodie! We documented Wyatt’s first experience with noodles. Cash, his brother got to cook some Seaweed Pasta with me just before this for Pirate Month Lesson Themes, so this is my 6 Month old’s version of the same fun! It isn’t too fancy, just boil some noodles and let him at them!

He actually dove right in! He grabbed a handful and slurped them right up with a huge grin on his face. He so often gets to sit with Cash and I at the Mess Mat doing our Toddler School lessons, it was a nice change to see him in action! Now that he can sit up on his own I anticipate a lot more duel purpose lesson plans and cooperative learning strategies evolving for us! Cash really enjoyed watching his brother play too! It was a great opportunity for me to talk to Cash about this being “Wyatt’s Lesson” and to wait for his turn. Cash did great too! He was so patient while his brother explored and then like a puppy off a leash was excited to jump in when he got the green light! Lots of giggles today! I hope you have a fun experience too with your little ones!





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