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Stuffed Animal Overboard! {Mommy Muscles Game}

You ladies know what it’s like after you have a baby…. body = mush… and some other choice things that happen. {See my guest post about after baby body fun HERE} After you get yourself to a manageable place you’re going to want to start {slowly} building your body back up. Reasons include posture, overall health and simply put, you’re going to need to keep up with your toddler! I know I still get winded after reading ONE book and my baby is now 7 months old! It’s time to start implementing some more physically active activities for mom. I have a whole Mom Body {Proud} Pinterest Board to motivate me!
Guest what? You can work out AND still be that awesome fun mom playing with her kids!
Visit this PAGE for a few more ways to incorporate your Mommy Muscles into your daily routine

Stuffed Animals Overboard! 
This game is great with our Pirate Month Theme, but I really play it all year since they love it.

What you need: 
Beach Towel
All your Stuffed Animals

Mommy Muscles:
Lower Back/Core

How to play: 
I have these great hardwood floors that are long enough to take a good route through. I toss all the stuffed animals to the sides or the route and they are the “Animals Overboard!” The kiddo must “rescue” each as you pull them by onto the beach towel.


Mom Workout: 

Holding the towel with both hands set yourself in a wall-sit position. I would say squat but that would be a bit too low. Pulling the towel you will walk backwards with a straight flat back and a drawn in belly button {holding a tight core} Remember to breathe, go slow and drink water.


Obviously Cash is a bit better at this than Wyatt. Cash likes to sit up or lay on his belly. I go really slow since this is actually my work out, not his game. He often barks, “faster, faster!” which I ignore happily. This is a great opportunity to discuss ‘Taking Turns’ with you toddler. Set up some Mess Mat Activities and when you need a break from hauling the toddler switch to the infant, “Wyatt’s turn!”
I put my infant on his belly {he can easily lift his head up and crawl, gauge your infant carefully and only do this if safe} I also go much slower and stand up a bit higher as I walk backwards.

Disclaimer: I am no doctor or certified personal trainer. Just because I can do this after 7 months doesn’t mean you can or should. I am a former college athlete and coach though, so my physical expectations of myself might be different than your own… PLEASE consult YOUR doctor before tugging your kids around as all of our mom bodies are different. Feel free to print out a picture and show them what you’re thinking of doing

Before Wyatt was born I also did this while pregnant. I would take Cash and Marissa around in one of our Obstacle Course tubs before nap time. Then we called it our “Safari Cruise” where they got to eat their snack cups and relax, only occasionally bringing in a stray animal. This way, while pregnant I could recover from the workout while they were asleep or even lay down myself.



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