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Holiday Glitter Bag {Sensory Play}

Sensory Bags are a pretty common thing around our house, so when I saw these Gingerbread Man Themed Holiday bags from Ziploc I had to snag some for this extra fun entertaining play session. And, they go with our Handmade Kelso Christmas theme.

I filled this bag with Tapioca Pearls.
1/2 Cup Pearls in
1 Cup Water
Microwave 4 Minutes
Let stand 10-15 minutes until jelly and cool. Pour into Ziploc bag.

I then dug deep into my oldest craft supplies trying to use up some of the older things. I found a bottle of glitter squeeze paint in a bottom drawer… I shook it and the paint was still liquid so good to go; Right?

As I squeeze the aged plastic paint tube… it explodes in my hand… Billy hears this in my office… followed by my ‘help’ whimper and comes around the corner to see me covered in green glitter paint… the sacrifices we make for Sensory Play….

We scrapped what we could off of me and into the bag, then zipped it up, duct taped the edges and the masking taped it to the floor. I put a piece of wax paper between the bag and the hardwood JUST in case there are any leaks.

 I put this one nice and close to the tree and they were instantly enthralled.
We squished glitter and counted gingerbread people all day!
Cash even showed Wyatt how to walk on it a squish it with his toes. 
Cash also pressed his cheek to it and said, “COLD!”
So we covered multiple senses. 

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