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The Story of Wyatt Nickolas Coach

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It was a normal Friday morning, just before 6:00 am. Billy had already left for work and we’d had no early signs of labor over the past few days. In fact, we had his delivery scheduled for Sunday the 25th when all of the sudden a swift kick to the ribs nearly knocked me out of bed. Not one mild or meager contraction beforehand to give me any warning, just… GO TIME. Time for a Birth Story…

Wyatt’s Birth Story

I called Billy and told him to turn around! He barely got to work before he got back in the truck and came to get me. No stopwatch this time, no tracking and counting, and waiting for the build up and proper spacing to call the hospital for the green light to come in and be checked out… He was coming and we needed to go NOW! Upon arrival to the hospital, the nurses swooped me into the observation room and upon inspection said, “Wow! We need to get the doctor here now! I wouldn’t have brought you back here but you were smiling mom! You threw us off!” Within moments of arriving, we were in the room, hooked up and pushing. What I remember most was how happy everyone was and how impressive Wyatt’s stats were. Everyone was so pleased with his heart rate and size. We kept hearing, “He’s a very determined little guy!” “He’s coming fast and furious to meet YOU!”


Just under 7 hours of intense labor {no pleasure cruise buildup, just straight to business with this guy} he arrived announcing himself to the world for all to hear and ready to boss us around. He came out with a HUGE smile and has not stopped grinning since. He is our Coach Baby, The Flash, our Mohawk Rock Star, and our BIG little Wy-Guy.

We offer an EXTREME Thank you to Kelsea {Kelsea Joann Photography} for coming into the hospital with us and taking these pictures of his first few days.

Broke into my Bottle Caps that I brought as my Mom Treat! Read about what else to bring to the Hospital HERE









Big Brother Cash was staying with his Aunt and Uncle overnight while we were in the hospital. They brought him in that evening to meet his new little brother for the first time. This was his first reaction when they met and I told him, “He’s yours!”

…and then Mom bursts into tears!




I’m pretty sure this is what you call love at first sight!


Thank you for visiting and reading. This post is really just a big heart exploding mom gush that our family will enjoy. But I’m glad you’re here reading too!


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