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Things to do in February | #MomWinning

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It's finally February and we're doing all the things! February is a great time to focus on Self Cafe and overall Wellness in your home. From making my own laundry soap to teaching my kids about hygiene, here are all my posts for February. 
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There is a LOT of #MomWinning to be had this month at my house. If this so happens to be a year where we’re going to Disneyland, FEBRUARY is our month to do it. Yes, this month is all about the Happiest Place on Earth, but also a little bit about health and wellness. I consider family vacations to be a small dose of self-care as well as a mental and physical break from the normal routine.

February Theme | Health & Wellness

Of all the Things to do in February, your overall health is a top item. Especially your physical and mental health. From me this month you’ll see lots of Disneyland posts because that is our Self Care, Mental Health retreat. You’ll also see my family make changes to our lifestyle choices. I’ve never really been the *New Year’s Resolution* type, but more of a, “Let’s look back and reflect on what did and didn’t work last year” type.

For our house, January is all about making adjustments, writing new schedules and becoming more focused on our long term goals. January is a whirlwind of cleaning up the holidays and processing the previous year. February is like Tuesday, you survive Monday and the real business starts now.


The ultimate mental health break. The holidays are chaotic and the boys get stuck in this awkward funk of weird routine. Then January hits and everyone is fighting over their new toys. By February we’ve been cooped up in our house for 2.5 months and need a break or a reset. Going on a vacation is just what we need to reconnect and escape, for the sake of everyone’s mental health. Disneyland does that for us. Not every year of course, but on a 2-4 year cycle. We love to go in February because it’s cold here in Oregon and we chase the sun đŸ˜‰

Health & Wellness

Going on vacation or not, we still focus on Health & Wellness in this month. It is officially flu season. You’ll catch how I prepare for that in my Disneyland posts too. So, we dive into topics for the kids about hand washing, teeth brushing and healthy eating gradually. Coming out of the holidays we all need that. As mentioned before, I’ve never done the cold-turkey January 1st approach to lifestyle changes. I prefer to use January as a time to plan and structure and making goals for the whole family, then implement it this month.

Things to do in February | Self Care

Once a year, in this month, I make our ONE batch of homemade Laundry Soap. Yes, It lasts us a full year! If that’s not #MomWinning I don’t know what is! My recipe is the first post below followed by why I love the Dryer Balls.

Also, if you’re a leggings kinda mom like myself, I’ve posted my favorite brand and a review below. Plus a little Sweet & Sticky story about breastfeeding, which is where I was in February of 2015.

Homemade Laundry Soap {How-To Recipe}
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How to Breastfeed your Newborn & Play with your Toddler

Mom Winning | Me this Month Interviews

Remember to print your February interviews! Of all the things to do in February, these might be my favorite.

Mom Life Organizing | Disneyland

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland any time of the year, you’ll want to read through my posts on it. We go in February so it lives here for the yearly plan:

Mommy Money | Blogging

If you’re following along for the Blogging journey that makes my Mommy Money Income or my Etsy Shop, here are all the posts for Things to do in February:

Blogging Income Report for February | Making Mommy Money Online
How to add an Amazon Affiliate Link to your Blog Post
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Why I choose Etsy as my #MomBiz | and how you can too

Toddler School | Valentine’s Day

And of course, on the list of things to do in February we cover Valentine’s Day! Here are all my posts for this month:

14+ Fun & Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids & Toddlers
How to Make Chocolate Play-dough
How to Make Hot Cocoa Spoons | DIY Gift Idea
Heart Stamping with Pudding Painting | Valentine’s Day Activities
February Discovery Box | All the People I LOVE for Valentine’s Day
Heart Pies for Valentine’s Day that Kids can Make | Toddlers in the Kitchen
4 Sensory Boxes for Indoor Play

Toddler School | Self Care & Wellness

Since we’re talking about Wellness & Self Care this month we’re also covering a few topics for the boys. In February we talk a lot about germs and brushing their teeth. We talk about the Flu and washing hand too. Here are my Wellness posts for Toddler School:

Teaching Toddlers about Brushing Teeth
Teaching Toddlers about Germs with Powdered Donuts


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