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Toddler School {Transition Lessons & Assessment}

Moving on to a new theme is tough. You get attached to your previous theme, they are attached to it and it becomes a part of your lifestyle because you really immerse yourself into it. Dinosaurs will forever run amok throughout our house… as will pirates.
However, building a new theme can be even more difficult.
There is this in-between phase that you must go through which is a
cluster of entertaining activities to keep them occupied and structured
assessment. Somehow, while keeping them occupied and happy you must build daily
activities that either proves they’re ready to move on or tell you where you need to revisit in the upcoming theme.
This “Transition” can take an entire month… our January. It is basically a gauntlet of lessons you throw at them, sit back and take notes on how they handle it. Your assessment activities must also be fun so that you can see enough behavior to assess their progress intellectually.
Here is my January Toddler School Transition Unit Plan
Identify learned skills from previous unit through observational assessment
Entertain daily –while I think and assess {reference all those Pinterest pins that never fit into the theme!}
Ascertain new theme learning objectives
Identify behavioral goals and operational conditioning for new theme
Collect manipulatives, create lesson plans, organize materials and educational tangibles.
To begin we must acknowledge our previous Unit’s goals so we can see
where we are and what they’ve learned. For the Dinosaur Unit we worked on:
Lesson Goals from the
Dinosaur Unit
{we didn’t get to them all!}
So, armed with my phoneme assessment clipboard chart and powers of observations I approached the first two weeks of January with these first lessons, more to come!
Book Nest: Assessment opportunity for phoneme awareness, Book Anatomy, Reading Finger, tracking and object finding {for both Cash & Wyatt}
Music: Cardboard Concerts & Upcycled Instruments! Also, assessment for interpersonal skills, sharing, being nice to brother in a highly tempting environment, following directions, descriptions for loud, soft, fast and slow… and I just really needed something fun for them to do!
Texture Crawl– Coming Soon
Little Town Story Telling– Coming Soon
My lovely niece Marissa demonstrating The Clean Up Box
in her Yearling year with me.
Looking ahead
As we move into a new Unit I know I will be introducing these concepts
and behaviors:
The Clean Up Box, Signs: Potty, Nap &
Help, Body Parts and Animal noises
Expanding Gentleman Training, Potty
Training, Storytelling and Shoe Tying
It will be an interesting winter for
sure! You’ll likely never see me outside of my house!

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