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Toddler Stocking Stuffers {Christmas Guide}

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers. Christmas Gift Guide for kids. Stocking Stuffers for kids. Two year old gift IdeasToddlers are awesome to have around for Christmas for a few reasons: It may be their first ‘real’ Christmas where they know what is going on. They are excited about everything. We get to be reminded of the small things that make us happy. When thinking about my son’s stocking stuffers this year, since it is technically his ‘first’ Christmas really knowing what is going on and understanding the whole holiday bit, I thought it might be a good thing to start out Stockings as very practical. Mom confession: I didn’t do stockings the last two years… he was 5 months for one and then 17 months for the other {but I’m stocking his 10-Month-old brother’s this year! #secondchildwin} So now that the time has come to kick off the official Kelso Family {that’s us now! Holy crap!} Traditions being a little more frugal as to set the pace for the years to come and laying the groundwork for my kids’ expectations. I really liked how my mom did it, by going very practical and filling them with items we needed to ‘stock’ us for the year, so to speak. {We will ALWAYS become our mothers, just stop fighting it} I’m adding in a special ‘crafting’ kick to my stockings because hey, they’re my kids, they’re going to be crafty… just saying… embrace it boys!

So Cash, my 2.5-year-old toddler will be greeted Christmas morning with this stash of practical and helpful ‘stock’ that a toddler needs:

Tempra Paint- A toddler can NEVER have enough paint. I am specifically stocking his sock with this because I know there to be a painting easel under the tree! Shhhh…. Plus, you can fill plastic storage bags with paint for some clean window painting!

Shower Curtain- A new Mess MAT! Ours needs to be replaced as we’ve worn some holes in it over the summer. See what I mean by Mess Mat HEREand you’ll probably want your own too! $1 at Dollar Tree!

Water Cup- My little dude loves these babies and requires 5 of them to surround his plate at the dinner table. I feel like they are everywhere and yet for some reason I can never find one when I need it. This one may actually replace an older one too if you know what I mean… some places on these you just can’t clean enough. They are $1.97 at Wal-Mart, I can finally toss the sandy one!

Kitchen Utensils- Perhaps you’ve been keeping up with the blog’s Toddlers in the Kitchen Unit? If so you know that Cash LOVES to ‘cook’ by which he means stir and pour into big bowls. Giving him his own little utensils to have in the kitchen will probably rock his little world. I bet your little ones would love the inspiration too!

Undies- The toddler gets a promotion! And, hopefully some motivation to progress in his potty training! It is right about that time and maybe Santa can help give him that little extra push out of the pull-ups!

Mittens & Socks- It’s winter after all. Plus, little boys in mittens are adorable. Socks are a Stocking staple anyway right? Traction socks for a toddler are a must since one of my favorite things on the planet is to watch him run, I might as well make it a tad bit safer!

Yogurt Cranberries- These are Cash’s favorite snack. You can substitute your kiddos favorite choice but for mine, he’ll eat this whole bag if I let him! Find a healthy {ish} treat to stock them up on for the winter.

And there you have it, my frugal, minimalist {okay the kitchen utensils were over $5}, craft inspiring stocking for a toddler.

What are you putting in your kiddos stocking?

I would love to know!

Please COMMENT below!

Happy Holidays!

I’m stocking Wyatt’s this year too! He’s 11 Months this year for the holidays. See what he’ll get HERE

**Disclaimer- I am in no way being compensated for promoting these items and am not affiliated with any brands above. My choices and opinions are my own.

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