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What’s In My Kid’s Smoothie | The Secret Ingredients

What's in my Kid's Smoothie. Smoothie Recipes for Moms. Smoothie Recipes for Kids. Healthy Smoothie Recipes. Meal Replacement Smoothies. Chia Seed, Flaxseed, Turmeric, Cumin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Crushed PineappleWe all know that nutrition is important for our daily lives as moms. But through the chaos of it all, it can be hard to make sure you’re getting all the “good stuff” into your kids too. Cash was, and still is an extremely fickle eater which was a constant stress for me until the #MomWinning moment I decided to start serving Smoothies.

My kid wouldn’t eat food

I remember talking to my pediatrician, way back when about Cash not eating enough which made me concerned. My doctor assured me that so long as he was growing properly along with the toddler expectations he was okay. That did make me feel better, but what made me the most concerned was not the amount of food, per-say, but the quality of food he did eat. He was one of those kids who just wanted to eat the same 3 things all day long; oatmeal, bananas, and string cheese. I knew he wasn’t getting all of the proper nutrients he needed which was a big stress for me and my husband. We would have standoffs with him at dinner because he wouldn’t touch his plate. The plate finally full of green vegetables and protein…This, of course, caused a rift in our parenting strategy because Billy and I both had different feelings about how we should solve this problem.

We started a Smoothie Experiment

At the start of the new year, we began a fun little Rainbow Unit in Toddler School. Cash loved to learn so I was already winning. We decided to “eat the rainbow” and make a Smoothie per color. My solution was born! Cash, and Wyatt both turned out to be Smoothie lovers. #luckyme.

It became a Daily Routine

The Smoothie Experiment was such a big hit that their morning Smoothie became an expectation. We added into our daily routine as a “second breakfast” at 10:00 am every day. They wake up about 7 am so they’re ready for a pick-me-up right around that time. This is also a great time because they’re hungry, it’s not quite lunch time and if I don’t give them something they’re not going to have a good next few hours of behavior until nap time. So really, it’s in my best interest too! See how I build our Toddler Schedules in THIS POST.

What’s in My Kid’s Smoothie

Okay, time for the goods. We don’t really mix it up as much as we used to, but they seem to be fine with that. Most of our Smoothie making revolves around the same key ingredients which I believe give them the daily dose of nutrients they need. A Smoothie should never replace a full meal, but let’s face it, as a mom if I have to, I’m hitting that drive-thru, so I take comfort in knowing that we have our daily Smoothie routine!

What's in my Kid's Smoothie. Smoothie Recipes for Moms. Smoothie Recipes for Kids. Healthy Smoothie Recipes. Meal Replacement Smoothies. Chia Seed, Flaxseed, Turmeric, Cumin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Crushed PineappleWhat we use daily

These Ingredients build our Smoothie Foundation

  • Crushed Pineapple- Base
  • Organic Spinach/Mixed Greens- Substance
  • Organic Fruit Smoothie Mix {from Costco}- Flavor
  • Vanilla Yogurt- Smoothness
  • 4 Cups Water- Quantity

These Ingredients are my “Super Secret” additives that give a Smoothie a little healthy kick

Now, I want to be very clear that I am not a certified nutritionist. This post is about what I put in our Smoothies, but not necessarily what you should put in yours. I had all of these ingredients approved by my pediatrician and did my own extensive research. My kids are not allergic to anything, nor do they have any aversions. You should most certainly consult your doctor and begin with small doses before you build a huge Smoothie routine.

Now go forth and get yourself a top secret healthy Smoothie! You’ll all feel better knowing all the “good stuff” made it into your healthy kids!

What is your Favorite Smoothie Ingredient? Let me know in the comments!


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