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Window Painting {Numbers & Shapes}

For Dinosaur Month we are focusing on Shapes and of course a few numbers. This activity is super easy and super entertaining for the little artist here! He loves to play in the window anyway, so when he came out from nap time and saw this he was super excited about it! 
What you Need:
Gallon Storage Bag
Masking Tape
Assorted Paintbrushes
I just placed a few different sized paint brushes on the window sill and let him choose. There is a rocking chair right next to the window which is what I am sitting in. This was a totally relaxed independent play time. As I rocked with the baby I would just talk about shapes. I would then even start counting; not to Cash, just to the baby. 
No surprise, Cash would start drawing what I was talking about. 
 We did have some conversations about pencil grip and how to hold the paint brushes. You can see some dramatic improvements.  
 Cash draws Mommy’s favorite number for her…

 Lots of circles, lots of swirls and LOTS of fun! 

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