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20 Minute Early Morning Workout | Morning Routine

20 minute early morning workout. Easy, Fun and Low IntensityMornings in most households are hectic. Mornings in a house with kids are insane. Between wake ups, breakfast, dressing, and wrestling it’s no wonder you leave the house frazzled and questioning your own sanity. And after work is more of the same! Playing chauffeur, chef, and mediator by the end of the day the last thing you want to do is a workout.

But I have a solution for you. Really, it’s a trick that works every time.

Are you ready?

Get up half an hour before the kids (I can hear you grumbling but stay with me) and rock a quick, twenty-minute workout at home. That’s the key. This amazing tip works for two reasons.

Reason #1

Working out at home is not only genius it’s practical (read more about this here). It saves you time traveling and gets your workout done in half the time.

Reason #2

You can get in a workout, in peace in under thirty minutes which will leave you jacked up (hello endorphins!) and ready to conquer the day. You’ll feel better all morning knowing that you’ve already accomplished something and you won’t have the constant thought of “when can I squeeze in my workout” puttering around in your brain all day.

This simple trick will keep you fit, healthy but more importantly sane (click here to read why!)

This early morning workout is quick, effective and only requires a resistance band and your bodyweight (click here for more awesome bodyweight exercises). You can throw it in a couple mornings a week and it will leave you feeling energized, accomplished and a little bit sweaty 😉

20 Minute Energy Boosting Workout Routine

Click here to watch a video demo.

Sliding Curtsy Lunge 10 reps/side
Paused Squats 12
Seated Band High Row 12
Band Shoulder Press & Pull Apart 12
Sliding Hamstring Curl 10
Deadbug 10 reps/side

20 minute early morning workout. Easy, Fun and Low Intensity

Perform each exercise in order for the prescribed number of repetitions without rest between exercises (though grab water if you need it!). At the end of the last exercise, rest for 1 minute and then repeat for a total of three rounds.

A few things to keep in mind

This workout isn’t overly intense. There’s no jumping, no heavy weights and no insane burpee countdowns (hello, it’s like 5 am?!). This means that you can do this workout easily on an empty stomach and have breakfast to refuel after.

However, if you’re the type of person who gets dizzy easily mow down a quick bar so there’s something in your stomach.

In case you missed it, all the exercises are demonstrated here.

This workout is meant to get your blood flowing, your muscles working and generally boost your energy. The goal isn’t to go “balls to the wall” and be half dead on the floor when your kids get up! Go through the repetitions and made every muscular contraction count.

Resistance bands: I personally love and use this red band but any will do! I adore bands because they’re cheap, don’t take up much room and you can do a variety of exercises with them (click here to know why everyone should own resistance bands).

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Meet Shelby. She blogs over at She’s a Strength Coach. Nutrition Coach & Chronic Foodie. But most importantly, mama to a super cute little girl. Shelby enjoys sweaty workouts, tasty meals and trying her best to live holistically (though there’s definitely a lot of trial and error there!). But most of all she loves sharing knowledge on everything parent & health related.

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