3 Blogger Apps I Wish I Knew Before I started Blogging

3 Blogger Apps I wish I knew about before I started Blogging. Canva, Tailwind and GrammarlyCongratulations, you’ve become a Blogger! You’re in for a very exciting, fulfilling journey, however, I’ll warn you, there might be some bumps along the way. I started blogging a few years ago and there are many things I wish I knew before I actually started. I wish I had started my Blog in WordPress, not Blogger for one, but that’s another story for another day. This post is about sharing my Top 3 Blogger Apps I wish I had known about before I started really blogging. I hope to inform you now, so you’re not struggling to catch up like I was!

3 Apps for Bloggers

These 3 Blogger Apps, or services are additional websites within the Internet that help you be a better Blogger. These are not plug-ins, but services provided by a separate company that is allowed access or synced to your Blog. They cost money to use professional {if you upgrade} but they are also available for free at a limited capacity. You can also use them on a trial basis before upgrading to the paid version.


Where were you 2 years ago?! Oh, you were there the whole time and I never knew it… Canva is a Blogger App or website/program that you use to make your Blog Images. So many problems solved! Ugh, it is truly depressing that I went 2 years making images for my blog without Canva.

Why is it necessary?

Canva allows you to make images the proper size for Pinterest {which is really important for a Blogger} as well as the correct size for multiple social media sharing around the Interwebs: Facebook Posts, Instagram, etc. You can also {if you upgrade to the paid version} create a template for your BRAND, which gives you shortcuts for making all of your images cohesive and the same style, aka Branded.

3 Blogger Apps I wish I knew about before I started Blogging. Canva, Tailwind and Grammarly

See my pink arrow? Here you see my saved BRAND colors so that I can easily create all of my images. They also have a ton of fonts and free templates that you can use! I might be the most upset about not using Canva from the beginning. Head on over to Canva now and give it a go. It’s FREE!


The ultimate time saver and my favorite efficiency Blogger App. Are you still pinning your posts to multiple boards individually? Just stop. How long does that take you? It took me for-e-ver {enter Sandlot voice}

Why is it necessary?

Once you install Tailwind and sync your Pinterest you can schedule all of your pins at once. Mind blow right? This is how I now pin 500+ pins per week. I can schedule the same post to pin on 37+ boards, including Group Boards and even set the optimal time for readership.

3 Blogger Apps I wish I knew about before I started Blogging. Canva, Tailwind and Grammarly


Look at all of these pretty Canva made pins scheduled for today! Tailwind has also dramatically increased my Pinterest Followers. Tailwind is free for a limited amount of pins per day, but by upgrading you can schedule unlimited pins and add multiple Pinterest Accounts. You can also invite collaborators if you have a team working on your Blog.

Here is my Affiliate Link to sign up for Tailwind {oh, yes, and you can refer other to work off your monthly bill! 😉 }

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


And last but not least in my top three of Blogger Apps, is Grammarly. Grammarly is an installed program that checks your grammar use throughout your writing and makes you a better writer. Who doesn’t need that?

Why is it necessary?

I struggle with comma use. I’m sure you have a grammar quirk too. Perhaps you make common errors such as forgetting a comma. After you write a sentence Grammarly checks it for you and highlights your error.

3 Blogger Apps I wish I knew about before I started Blogging. Canva, Tailwind and Grammarly

See what I did there? 😉 A little help box pops up to correct your writing and makes your whole post much more readable. Grammarly not only works while Blogging because it is installed on your computer. Grammarly boxes pop up for me whenever I’m writing something including in Word, in my Gmail emails, on Facebook, in conversations for custom orders on Etsy, etc. There is much more here than spell check too… So I sound much more professional when talking with clients and responding to emails. Install Grammarly today and improve your online professionalism.

Here is my Referral Link for Grammarly.

Grammarly Writing Support

Best of luck Bloggers!

I hope these 3 Blogger Apps will help you now so you’re not kicking yourself a year down the road… and redoing a year’s worth of Post Images 🙁 Like me…


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