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How to Breastfeed your Newborn & Play with your Toddler

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This is a retro post… since I’m just now getting to it. Let me take you back to February of 2015….3 Ways to Play with your Toddler while breastfeeding your Newborn. How to multitask while breastfeeding.
Wyatt, our second son was born at the end of January which gave our first born, Cash the promotion to Big Brother. Per usual, as life goes though, he also took a huge demotion in the attention department. Lucky for him he has a lot of very loving grandparents and Aunts & Uncles who cared for him when little brother was making his entrance and the weeks after. Though while at home, and juggling a newborn, it is still very important to play with your toddler. {I know you all know that}

As a new mom {even the second go around} and since you’re breastfeeding, you’re not moving too fast. This can make play time for your toddler difficult. Wyatt and I actually spent a lot of time in the bedroom, on the bed either nursing, or just recovering. {post delivery mom issues, yaddah, yaddah} So Cash joined us there. At the time he was 1.5 years old.

Here are the 3 great and fun things we did together while breastfeeding.

What you need….
Word Puzzle
Flash Cards
Foam Bath Letters
Tub Crayons

Word Puzzles

These were super fun {and still are!} for us to do together on the bed. Cash was sitting still, with me while I fed Wyatt and he was focused. We could talk about the letter sounds and shapes and I could help him build words. He was able to form some great scaffolding for spelling which he’s currently benefiting from today at 2 years old!



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Cash was just learning how to communicate and playing with words. I would use Flashcards to have him tell me about his day, ask him what he wanted to do or how he was feeling. I was actually pretty surprised by some of the answers I received…


These flashcards are just from the Dollar Tree. He was often curious about where his Dad was during the day… so the Father card came up a lot… and then here he is telling me about his day yesterday when he and Dad took Bogey {our dog} to the park! Not bad right? Pretty good little story teller!

Get a whole set of First Word Flashcards HERE

Bathtub Letters


Yep, Wyatt and I are in there, breastfeeding in the bathroom while Cash is in the bathtub, my little contained classroom, with about an inch or two of water is all. One of Cash’s FAVORITE things in life is water, and the bathtub, so yes, while he was transitioning into Big Brother through the month of February and having to deal with new hardships of brotherhood reality, I let him hang out in his favorite place a LOT! It was actually easy for me too!


I would use our bath crayons to draw Hang-Man style blanks on the tub wall and Cash would fill the letters in with his name. Now don’t give him too much credit… I only put his 4 name letters in there, C-A-S-H, so he didn’t find them out of the whole alphabet. This picture was also taken at the END of February, so we had been working on this a whole month.

Get your own set of Tub Letters HERE

and Tub Crayons HERE

We spent a LOT of February bonding the Brothers on the bed!

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