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5 Things I’m Making Time for this Spring | JORD Watch Giveaway

5 Things I'm Making Time for This Spring. Motherhood Mother's Day Jord Watches GiveawayI think we all know that Motherhood can take its toll on all of us. About this time of year is when I realize I really need a break. It’s officially time to take some much needed “me-time” and pay attention to the small things and the big picture. What better way to remember the important details than looking at a gorgeous wrist watch?

Right when I needed a Spring pick-me-up, JORD Watches sent me a collaboration opportunity. Thank you so much JORD for your impeccable timing 😉 I’ve been inspired to reflect {into that beautiful timepiece face} and review some Spring priorities.

5 Things I’m Making Time for this Spring

Christmas is packed away and the taxes are done… I can’t really remember anything that happened between those two things, can you? It is such a blur and it is such an overwhelming world we live in daily. I find it a constant struggle to keep a focus on the little, but important stuff. So now that I have some time {suspended gracefully on my wrist} and the weather is changing, I’m making more time for a few things I’ve been neglecting.

Holding Hands– I have two precious little baby Hooligans whose hands are getting bigger every day. I nearly forgot how it felt to just hold one for a walk. Today, Wyatt saw me put on my new watch and said, “You look pretty Mommy!” which of course melted my heart. {Thanks, JORD for making me pretty}

Storytime- I confess, the winter was a hugely successful time for my Etsy Shop. Every single time I sat down I had my yarn in hand, too occupied with multitasking to turn storybook pages. Now that the weather is warmer, there will be fewer hats to make. Perhaps I’ll get a massage too…

Coffee Breaks- If you’re following me on Instagram you might have caught my epic battle with the sewing machine… It was that moment I realized I needed to initiate more coffee breaks in my life. Time to just stare out the window and breathe. {Or stare into this pristine watch face which sparkles}

Showers- Winter is over {fingers crossed} and I no longer need to avoid that dreaded, “step out into the cold bathroom” end to a warm shower. I can finally enjoy one, a longer one even, and not have to immediately jump straight back into my huge sweatpants and sweaters. I packed up all my sweaters just the other day and am now rocking all my Spring t-shirts. The best part… fully exposed wrists to show off my new arm-candy.

Family- Speaking of arm-candy, I’m pretty sure there is a third guy who lives in this house somewhere. He’s that same guy I toss the two little boys at when he comes home from work so that I can finally start work. I should probably take some time to reflect on him a little too 😉 Come to think of it, I bet he’d love a matching Wooden Wrist Watch so that we could be twins… he does always threaten those matching jumpsuits for when we get older… a nice new JORD Men’s Watch would be a good start.

Wooden Wrist Watch

Make time for the Little Stuff with Jord Watches. Mother's Day GiveawayJORD Watches

I’m sure there are lovely people in your family who would love a little time {piece} for themselves. JORD Watches and myself would love to help you give them that opportunity. I absolutely love mine. It is the Frankie Dark Sandalwood with Smoke Face.

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