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How to Build a Mom Block Command Center

How to Build a Mom Block Command Center. Mom Organizing Strategies. Built of the Block Schedule SystemWouldn’t you like to see every Mom’s Command Center? I know I would. In an earlier post, I talked about Building a Mom Block Schedule through my Block Schedule System. During my Mom Block, I have specific tasks I focus on so that during the set time I am most productive. On Sundays, I plan the grocery shopping trip with my coupons. On Thursdays, I pay all the bills and do what I call the Red Tape Mini Block. The Mom Block is really the time I set aside to accomplish all the little Mom jobs that can build up if they are not checked off your list daily.

Building a Mom Block Command Center

So now let’s talk about the coordinating Command Center. You can see my whole Bookshelf Block Wall System HERE, but for this post, we’re focusing on the Mom Block. My Command Center is where I keep everything I need to accomplish my Mom Block tasks. Having it all in one place, easy to grab, make me more efficient and productive. I never have to look for something before I start working on it. I know exactly where it is at all time.

A major time-sucker is looking for what you’re supposed to be working on, or the materials to do it. 


How I Organize my Command Center

How to Build a Mom Block Command Center

Side Hustles

Top-Top: Like every other work from home parent I’ve constantly got a few things listed on online sale sites like Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. These items are mostly textbooks or small things. I keep them above the Mom Block because they contribute to my Mommy Money side hustles… which isn’t actually a business…. it’s a mom thing. We all do it.

Here is where I also store, within quick reach my favorite Room Spray from Millie’s Ole Farmhouse Mercantile, because who doesn’t love to work in a yummy smelling office!

Thank You Cards

On the top shelf of the bookshelf, I keep all of my gift tags and small gift bags for those last minute exchanges or thank you presents. Front and center I have my Thank You Card stash. Yep, I’ve got a thing for sending thank you cards. I have my 2 jars for repurposed items like twist ties, command hooks, fasteners and things that are just too valuable to toss just yet since I might need them again. Then I have rubber bands.

Label Maker

Next shelf I have my label maker. My sister and I once joked that “My label maker is to me as her camera is to her“…. we just don’t feel complete without it by our side! Next to it I have my Ongoing TO DO Box where I keep my tablet of progress on bigger projects. Right now I’m making plans to landscape the front entry to our new house so I’m charting bloom times of my favorite plants. It’s a project that has no solid end date or pressure, so it lives here as sort of a ‘fun’ thing to look forward to when the time suits.

Binders & Drawer Organizer

This next shelf we have all of my boys’ binders including their Medical Binder and their Supervisor Binders which I run Toddler School with.  I also use their Supervisor Binders to leave with whoever is watching my kids while I’m at work. I’ve listed their schedules, their behaviors and what my parental expectations are along with house rules. Full post in the works.


I also have a binder full of my PE lessons back from my Kindergarten teaching days. I reference it when I need a Gross Motor Game at the end of the day. Glad I kept it! I also have a binder for all of the mailers I get from the Growing Child Program. When I was pregnant with Cash one of my mom friends subscribed me as her gift and they’re still coming even 2 years later! They are very helpful and hilariously spot on with what we’re going through! I can now even go back and revisit them for Wyatt! Perhaps I’ll pass them along when my next niece or nephew arrives 😉 No pressure…

To the right, I keep a Drawer Organizer with pull outs
  • Gift Certificates that we receive…. looking for date night? Go here! Need some retail therapy? Go here!  I don’t like to keep them in my wallet in case it get’s lost and I do like having them all in one spot so I know what we have!
  • Coupon Storage and I’ll write an entire post about that system {LATER}
  • Photo Garage: Now I think this is a drawer or box that EVERYONE should have in their home…. This is where I keep all those pictures I cannot bare to throw away. Our house was decked out in newborn Cash pictures and then Wyatt came so I switched out Cash for Wyatt, then they grew up so I switched out newborn Wyatt… but I can’t possibly put pictures of my babies in the trash! Can you?! Never! So they get parked in the garage. and when I do another cycle of re-framing I’ll cycle them through again. OR, when the grandparents come over they might LOVE to take this 8 x 10 off my hands! Glad that I can readily find it for them to send it to a new home! I don’t really do photo albums since I’m so addicted to Shutterfly and can produce the same photo album for all grandparents efficiently.

Red Tape & Catch All

Next shelf down is a basket for all of my Red Tape To DO, two little CATCH ALL baskets for things that break and need to be fixed, buttons to be sewn back on, toy pieces, etc. and a tray of stickers {cut off return address labels-FREE} that we use for Cash’s sticker charts.

Toddler School Supply Tubs

The tubs on the bottom of the bookshelf are mainly supplies that I like to have on hand. To the left I have a tub for Kid Stuff which just makes its way into the house either as a little gift or freebie from the bank, etc. I use these are incentive or gifts later on when needed. You never know when something might go perfectly with a monthly lesson theme! Which takes me to the right tub and our Monthly Theme for Toddler School. Pictured I have it full of Dinosaur Month stuff which is just waiting to come out for their lessons throughout the month. I get most of my Monthly Theme supplies from the DollarTree!

Below I have a tub for Felt Pieces {totally use these a ton with Wyatt on textures and for several other things…. welp looks like I need to write a FELT Activities post! Then I have a large tub that is a catch all for Toddler School with things that I see in stores or upcycle craft items I think I can use later. Sometimes I just look and see what I have a ton of already before deciding a theme for the month. That is exactly how why I did Pirate Month! I had a ton of great things already and didn’t have to buy much!

Then finally on the bottom I have a few tubs dedicated to the last minute… I know, I know, I have prepared to forget…. so be it, I’m a worst case planner! I’ve got a whole tub for Emergency Gifts because, well, you know, you forget. I also have a tub full of goodies, which, if not eaten by me also makes great gifts! I then again have a Kid’s Education tub for overflow stuff that doesn’t really qualify as a manipulative but can be used some how educationally, like filler for sensory bags!

Kids Parties wraps it all up for this Block and here is where I store stuff I’ve found on sale and couldn’t refuse. I’m also a party planner, so I’m constantly thinking about my boys’ birthdays. Cash is in July and Wyatt is in January, but sometimes what I need for Cash’s party goes on sale in December! So I store it here until party time. You can see there is already a theme hiding in there… shhh no peeking!

You need this too…

I am pretty confident that this Mom Block or Parent Block Command Center could be useful in your home even if it is the only one. Everyone needs to Pay Bills, Attend Birthdays, send Thank You Cards, so try it. I know mine is intense, it always will be. That’s how I like it! Good Luck!


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