Burlap & Lace…. Creswell’s Vintage Boutique

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Come down and see us!!!
240 West Oregon Ave, Creswell, OR 97426
Wed, Thus, Fri 11am-5pm
Saturday 10am-5pm

The perfect little stop along I-5 for your vintage, antique and rustic chic wedding needs!

In September our little town of Creswell received another little treasure hidden within it’s streets…. Tanya McNelly opened up shop downtown and invited some amazing women to join her as vendors in this new, inspiring adventure. Already a current member at one of my all time favorite places, The Vintage Industry, Tanya took her talents and love for vintage and expanded on her own into a small town space. Her business and the shop hold the same title, Burlap & Lace. The shop fits her style and passion for rustic, chic, white, and gorgeous things. Vendors, (myself included) are lucky enough to join her by renting booth space and bringing in our own passions, crafts and collections. Together we have all come to form this amazing little atmosphere that remains a little hidden gem. Creswell has been so receptive, welcoming and grateful of this new little shop.

I was actually in The Vintage Industry in early August, buying something for a wedding Project Block (of course) and talking with my step-mother-in-law, Millie, also a vendor at the Industry when she introduced me to Tanya, who was working that day. Millie had also been a vendor at my former shop in Creswell, Hummingbird’s which I closed down in 2012 to focus on being pregnant and having our first son… SO Millie thought Tanya and I should meet 🙂 That weekend Tanya was busily getting the space ready to open so I swung by (it’s literally 2.5 minutes from my house in Creswell!). We discussed the spaces she had left to rent and I JUMPED at the chance to move in The Vintage Event, my Etsy store, and my handmade hats! The next 10 days were quite the blur, but the results were wonderful!
 We have a whole cast of talented people running their booths, filling the walls and bringing in new inventory everyday! It is certainly worth a visit! You never know what you may find; that one piece that perfectly ties your home interiors together, or the perfect gift for someone special!

Join us in December for a Hometown Christmas if you haven’t already!

All-Star Vendor List
Tanya McNelly: Owner Burlap & Lace
Kandice (me): The Vintage Event
Barbara lee
Judy Whitehurst
Lois Stadt: Daughters Roanne
Calvert: Leopatical
Baker: The
Pink Pinecone
Toomoth-Cooper: Lost Treasures

Pictures are of my booth, Follow our Store PINTEREST BOARD for booths & new items from all vendors!
The Vintage Event FALL booth scape…. Many items have sold and I have transitioned over to Christmas! New pictures coming soon!

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