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How to throw a Super Hero Training Party | Cash Turns 2

In July our precious little guy turned the big TWO. Since he’s our Capn’ Cash I went ahead and themed this party to fit a Super Hero Training Adventure. You can catch all the Party Planning over at my Event Coordinating Blog, Green-Eyed Girl Productions HERE
But for the Mom stuff that’s all right here on this blog. Mostly the food! {ha ha!}

Using our awesomely long wrap around porch I put banquet tables out there and went with really easy centerpieces. I filled a mason jar with flowers and July 4th sparkle picks. I then put that inside a larger cylinder and filled the empty space with red, white and blue sprinkles. Colored mason jars then made it look bigger by spreading them around the base.


Going with the American Man theme I chose to incorporate American food classics like Mac & Cheese and Pie. Below is the buffet presentation and a few recipes. 

 Find the crock pot recipe for Honey BBQ Chicken Sliders HERE and the Mac & Cheese Crumble HERE

 No party is complete without Jones Soda! 

I have had these adorable little serving cups for a long time and was desperate to use them! I bought frozen Arby’s curly fries and served them with honey mustard. 

Furthermore… I bought frozen Red Robin fries and served them with ketchup in these little Fry Shooters.  

We serves tortilla chips in paper bags

 The miniature pies were the hit of the party though! These were only $0.88 each at Wal-Mart which still beats a cupcake at $0.98 each which is the cheapest you can find them these days! So if you’re looking for an affordable alternative… PIE! 

Party time! We were very thankful to have all the family come up to Stayton for the day and train their super hero!  

Cash blew out his candle in a mini pie then ate it with no hands!

 Among many great presents he opened his very own Captain America!   

Thank you everyone!!

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